a mother with a broken heart

Discussion in 'General' started by daiseyduked, Aug 27, 2003.

  1. well today i registered my 2 kids in school. my little man is now in kindergarden. saddening. i just can't believe he's gone. what am i goin to do all day without him. i'm all alone now, my kids are growin up so fast.i'll miss all his payments in kisses. all the snuggling up on the couch while watching spongebob square pants.playin power rangers with him. trips to the park.all those hugs with his little arms. he is so adorable.for no reason at all he'll just come up to me and say i love u mommy and give me a big kiss and hugs. my last one gone.and now my daughter is in grade 4!!!! man i remember that. i just cried and cried when we got home from registering.my little angels, i miss them already.
  2. first turn spongebob on.....
    then makeem some cupcakes or somthing nice for afterschool.... and get ready to have your smooches.
  3. Awwwwwwww....cute!

    Sad, but cute.
  4. Screw spongebob, you have the house to yourself. You go grrl and do something you wanna do.
  5. sorry daisy, but once they get into school, thats when they all go downhill. i know i did.
  6. Daisey I'll come up and help you occupy your time.. Just say the word..

  7. i just may have to take u up on that offer budhead!!!! but ssshhhh! the hubs can't find out:D


    I don't know if I feel bad for you or the kids, if u were my mom, I wouldnt want to go to school...;)

    come to mamma!!

    obliv....3 women, cycles in unison.....like walkin on glass lol!
  8. Yea I wouldn't want your hubby to know!!!!!
  9. it'll be our little secret bud head!

    thnx everyone for listenin to me cry and givin support!
  10. aw daisey it is sad! my mom tells me stories of how sad she was! I feel guilty for going to off to school!! ;) well in no time he'll be bringing home turkeys made out of his hand and homemade xmas decorations :)
  11. omg i forgot about that part!!! the xmas concerts, mothers day gifts they make at school ooooooo, sensi thank-you!!!!
  12. i kept the denial up right until registration lol and am now lookin on the brighter side, they just grow up so fast.
  13. Funny thing is............. When they gat older............... you'll be wishing school would go year round......... They will be taking up alot of your time!!!!
  14. Hey can I come over and be your kid. I'd be all like " Mommy i luv you, willl you loadeded me a bowl "

    man that'd be sweet i'd be eating a lollipop and drinking tang

    and watching sponge bob

    man that be so fucking cool
  15. lol!!!! after tubbies u can have one hit and a small snack before nite nite time.

  16. Thats more than I get now mos of the time!!!!!! The snack not the hit!!!

    I usually just eat a full dish instead of snack..lol
  17. Bud Head lets go on a diet.

    lol I weigh 149 and I'am 5 11, lets do it anyway
  18. "obliv....3 women, cycles in unison.....like walkin on glass lol!"

    Like walking on glass mixed with nails all soaked 3 inches deep with gasoline while balancing a lit zippo on the tip of your nose. :D

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