A mother wants to have her 16 and 20 yr old sons arrested for smoking pot.

Discussion in 'General' started by telien, May 12, 2006.

  1. That is not cool. I had to make a name on there just to post
    (tempuser101) Hopefully she'll listen to me. I hate parents who go bezerk over a little bud
  2. I posted on there to under the same name, negligent, cuz thats just fucking unacceptable to turn your kids in and have drug charges pressed, because you cannot get financial aid for schooling if you have any drug charges

    i hate ignorant people
  3. That's fucked up. If my mom (or dad) had turned me in when I was younger, she would be dis-owned. This seriously heats me.

    edit: So I actually went and read the above post, now I'm even more pissed off. If I were that 16 year old kid, I would laugh in my mom's face because now who's the one responsible paying for fines, drug classes, etc. Boo ya old lady. I don't think she understands how much that's going to interfere with the kid's normal life. When I got busted when I was 16, it pretty much fucked me out of graduating high school. I had to work MORE to pay off fines, work LESS to go to stupid ass drug classes, study LESS to go to stupid ass drug classes, and on top of all that, my license was suspended. Talk about taking away a kid's motivation just for gettin' a little high.
  4. yo neg,

    you ought to respond to what they posted after your post. i agreed w/you 100%.

    she is being so stupid about this.

    why would she want her son to go to jail? one would think a mother would engage in actions to keep her son out of jail instead of actually working to put him in there.

    and you were right, he will be completely ineligable for all kinds of student/college aid, and he will also have a harder time finding a job if he has a drug charge on his criminal record.

    i just don't understand why most of the people on the boards have such ignorant closeminded opinions.

    "Put the little druggie in jail and let him see where he's headed. Better now than in prison with Bubba."

    "Let's see how tough she is when the sheriff arrives to move her out of the house the county now owns and will be selling on the courthouse steps" (said in response to what could happen to the mother if her kid is caught smoking pot).

    "If the kid wants to screw his life up, that's on him. Call the police. If it is on his record, so be it."

    "By the way, are you on something righ now???" (asked in reference to neg's post).

    "Two posters registered on this site just to tell us they are dope heads" (last post)
  5. This shows how good the anti-drug groups are at convincing people that something harmless is deadly.
    The woman is willing to send her sons to jail AND destroy any chance at a normal life or family relationship, just in hope of making them quit bud.

    I'm posting there too . . .
  6. Ignorant fucking people.
    If that dumb cunt hasn't even tried it, then how can she say shit?

    I have a friend who is in a similar position, yet he is legal and his mom isnt THAT crazy (to call the cops and shit). Guess what? Their relationship was shit, and the ever-present watching from over-the-shoulder from his mother just made him want to do it more.

    my hostility comes from being dry.
    that bitch needs to take a fuckin step.
  7. Wow.

    I'd really like to sit down with that lady and just discuss the facts with here.
  8. damn, just too pissed about this mom to even know what to say, so i posted haha
  9. dumb bitch- my post-


    I can definately see where your concern comes from as a mother, and im assuming that as a mother, you want the best for your kids, but i most definately do not think calling the police on your son would be a wake-up call, rather it would be something that makes him even more angry at the situation, where he would want to rebel.

    I wouldn't suggest taking legal action against your son due to the serious damage it can do to him later in his life. Rather than that, i suggest you open your mind, and sit down, and talk with your 16 year old... Maybe at dinner, take a calm approach to it and discuss why he does it and how it makes him feel.

    Let him know that RESPONSIBILITY is key. As someone who has used marijuana as a social drug and medicine, i can most definately say that it is not a bad thing, but must be used in moderation. When i was a teenager, i took care of all prior responsibilites that i had... School, my job, family... the necessities. And later, if i wanted to smoke some pot, i did, but i made sure i had no prior obligations to take care of. Now, im a well rounded, dependable person.

    Point is, marijuana isn't as bad as these commercials and anti-drug campaigns make it out to be, in fact, it isnt bad at all. You just need to limit yourself. Try to talk to your son, and see how he responds, but i think calling the police is definately not a fair option.

  10. I posted again, although its almost completely pointless because people are closeminded and think they are right about everything. oh well at least its somethin to keep me entertained
  11. those guys seem very closed minded and set in their ways. they will probably lable you as a pothead/stoner.
  12. HAHA YES! most of the posts on there are from stoners now, i might browse the site and find other people to bitch at!
  13. actually, dopehead was the term they used
  14. ok fine, dopeheads haha, BUT they called us disgusting? im pissed! lol, ive never had the urge to punch a computer monitor before!
  15. My reply:

  16. I know that pissed me off. I had to post again....
  17. Wow these guys are such ignorant pricks.

  18. yo someone track this bitches ip and find out her hosue number and inform the child to leave his house and run away or fuckin bitchsalp this hoe ..
  19. wow, i really hope everyone who doesnt do drugs isnt like that, or its gonna be one hell of a long hard road out of hell (legalization)

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