A more primal experience with Cannabis

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by Antibalas, Aug 14, 2012.

  1. Hey GC!

    I consider this pretty philosophical in nature so that's why it has been posted here.

    What I am proposing everybody try (at least once) is a more primal look at cannabis use. No music, headphones, movies, or food you couldn't find in the wild. Give it a try like they used to do hundreds of years ago, ya know?

    So anyway, i've been trying it this week and I must say it's really different. Without all the stuff people tend to do when high to get in the way, it is a nice relief to just sit there and be stoned. It's a very liberating feeling. Do it enough, and you get to noticing the intricacies of the high that normally might be outdone by music or television or whatever.

    To be clear, i'm not proposing that people never use their laptops or ipods when high, i'm simply suggesting an alternative method; One that for me has brought beautiful results.

    Hope this can be beneficial in some way!
  2. So you do a lot hunting and gathering, then when nighttime rolls around you sleep on your pile of hay in your cave
  3. Hahah, if you think that would increase your enjoyment of the plant, then be my guest. I'm speaking more on the level of smoking, not pushing civilization back 3,000 years.
  4. personallly i've smoked in the backwoods, in swamps, with the alligators, just me and mary jane.
    It's different in different settings though. After working outside all day, i like to come home blaze in the ac and watch some netflix or something.
  5. I smoked in the amazon rainforest :smoke:

    But in my view nature is beautiful with or without bud, so enjoy it if you can.
  6. I regularly smoke when I'm camping or hiking. I almost always have a stash tin with me packed somewhere near the top of my rucksack.
  7. I like smoking outdoors, just toking and sitting around a fire and conversing. That is when you really find out about yourself.

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