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Discussion in 'Marijuana Legalization' started by Susan Peerless, May 24, 2004.

  1. I am not really interested in using marijuana- Been there, Done that. But I wonder what all the fuss is about. You've all heard of "frankenfoods"? It's not difficult with modern technology to pluck a gene or genetic sequence from one plant and place it in another. In effect it is a common procedure.

    Fine, now fine the gene or more likely a genetic combo in Cannabis sativa that causes the plant to produce THC. Got it? Now put in a different plant. That plant will now produce THC right? Forget marijuana, that's not what you are after!

    So your new little lab has produced a THC producing oak tree. Or a banana plant. Or a Xmas tree. Or a coconut. Or crab grass! And a hundred more. Now send them out to all your friends. Be Johnny Appleseed! Now tell me what happens to anti-Cannabis laws when your strawberry plant is busy producing THC. Get high from a petunia! I think you people are barking up the wrong tree. ALL drugs are from plants and are probably subject to this procedure. Get your mind out of the past. With the above, NO anti-drug law is enforceable.

    In the whole pro-drug movement there's not enough money and knowledge to set something like this up?
  2. Great theory...

    But even if it did work they would just bring in new laws.
  3. New laws making illegal Xmas trees, coconuts, banana plants, radishes, petunias, strawberries, crab grass and on and on and on. I don't think so. Think about it.

    In effect I've been thinking about the idea of taking the fiber making genes from hemp and putting them in sunflowers!
  4. i thought of that before.. it'd be so cool to have great canadian maple syrup thc shots.... mmm.. tasty... they could have really low grade syrup for pancakes usage or high grade syrup for shots (like drinking.. heheheh) maple trees that produce thc... mmmmmmmmmm... sounds about right to me!!!
  5. why would you want to do that?? you can't smoke a strawberry. lol :p
  6. ....you would get the sweet, sweet strawberry (had better still be sweet anyway) AND all teh joys of a bodybuz! w00t! :)
  7. It's not just THC that you'd need to make the plant produce.

    Many other cannabinoidal alkaloids go into making that characteristic "high"; CBN, CBD, d-8 THC, d-9 THC, among others which I can't recall.

    There are even some others that the cannabis plant does not produce, but have been synthesized, one of these which is, supposedly, exponentially more potent and longer acting than the plants natural THC...

    Overall: it's definitely a novel idea, but I'd like to see progress on actually defining how strong the cannabis plant is itself, and which cannabinoids it produces...

    sort of like a "tailor-made" high to suit the users needs/wants.

    ...but a strawberry coated with trichomes would be interesting, to say the least.

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