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    I am who you have become, the culmination of all desires and joy. What you consider to be your present circumstances are merely memories that you are playing out. Don't get caught up in your problems. They are already over. They have been resolved. You are living out something that has already occurred. The hope is that you can better understand why things happen the way they do, and you make the choices you make. Detach from your current life-situations! See it from the perspective of who you have become. You have become your highest ideal of perfection, and are living your idea of the perfect life. Relax! That is who you have become. You are just playing back memories. Try to see how where you are now led you to where you are going, who you have become. Start bridging the gap. Say goodbye to your memories. Prepare for paradise.
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    Serious question... If this was so, why would you be posting this thought on a message board? Why don't you just "relax"? Or in other words, what motivates you, when this is all a "memory".

    I'd also like to know your thoughts are on what happens to intellect when a person attains a higher state. Do you get smarter? If not, don't you agree, that that's surprising? If you do. I wonder if this would be scientifically testable.

  3. When you attain this higher state you realize that "intellect" means nothing. There is nothing in this physical world that holds superiority over something else, we're all equally important or equally unimportant. You realize that intellect is just a name that society has given to people who think a little differently than others. So if when you achieve this higher state you happen to start thinking "intellectually" that's great for the context of society but you know that it's nonsense
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    It's all about enjoying yourself. For me, I enjoy talking about this sort of stuff, through whatever outlet I can.

    I think it increases your ability to soak in information. You become much more efficient at learning and understanding. This is because the thought processes of most people is bogged down with a whole lot of unnecessary issues, that don't exist in higher states. When you see the essence underlying all of reality, you see that it literally penetrates EVERYTHING in reality. This makes it very easy to quickly cut to the core of things, and soak it in. It also becomes a lot easier to see connections between things, and notice many patterns that most people don't.

    The person above me is also right to a degree as well. Although I think it does increase your intellect, it also makes you take things a lot less seriously, and not care about things in the same way others do. Along with that, being "right" becomes a lot less important.
  5. Trippaaaaaaay.

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