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  1. Hey Guys, i need your opinions on a poem i wrote about a girl. Lemme know if yall think its worth sending it to her or not.
    Erika's Poem-
    The girl with the ass so fine
    oh how i want to make it mine
    Have sex with me on the phone
    cause we both love to bone
    with that body so damn tone
    come to me, ill make you moan
    with all this time on my hands
    all i can think about is removing your pants
    your tits arnt so big but thats okay
    cause your ass makes up for it anyday.
    I know its abit cheesy but it really conveys how i feel about this girl. what do you guys think, should i give it to her or maybe touche it up abit?

  2. OP's gonna get laid
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    Wayyy too superficial. That will not turn her on.Edit: hands and pants don't rhyme...lolSent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  4. If shes a freak, you in there like swim wear. If shes more on the conservative side i would tone it down a lil bit. Still let her know how much you dig her physique though, that'll flatter her. 
  5. im bored so i typed out a reply to this
     ohhhh daddy you no i love to flirt
    sometimes i just can't help it, i  just need to lift up my skirt
    but ya not here
    so my pussy is left just quivering in fear
    anticipating the way
    you sway
    in this pussay
    all god damn day
    so i guess ill have to settle
    with hearing you moan and groan
    via the tele phone
    while i imagine your bone 
    stuck in my tight little honeypot
    oooooooweee its a trap 
    I'm releasing my honey all over  you, even while i hold your gat
    until you moan and groan and give me what i want
    release that sweet juice inside of me
    then just maybe 
    ill let you slip out of me.
  6. It all depends on the girl and your relationship with her, nothing else. This could get you laid, or it could lead to the girl not wanting to talk to you anymore. It's not something I would ever send, definitely not my style lmao.

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  7. Whenever you write a love poem you always gotta ask yourself before giving it to somebody..."Would JT say this shit?"
    I dont think JT would say that shit.
  8. This is a love poem?  Dont get me wrong i suppose its the thought that counts, but im not sure if your getting the "love" point across.

    To the guy who said he was "bored" and wrote a reply poem. hm hm *regularshowstyle*   bet you've been waiting months for a chance :laughing:
  9. thats not a love poem thats a sex poem lol
    word of advice if you actually send it, throw out the part where you say her tits are just okay and her ass makes up for it. girls are very reactive to any type of criticism on their body so just 100% avoid just to be safe lol
  10. gc makes me feel so bad for women everywhereSent from my SGH-I747M using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  11. Well its hilarious, but not particularly romantic.

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