a lot more people here

Discussion in 'General' started by keepsmokin, Apr 23, 2002.

  1. it seems like every time i come here there are 5 more people here its going to be 2300 soon
  2. Yup! cool huh!! :smoking:
  3. The more the merrier
  4. Yep were growing more and more everyday =)

  5. grasscity is the only site i've seen so far where an increased number of members hasnt diminished the quality of the boards
  6. everyone here no matter what age is mature and respects everyone else no matter how old or young
  7. im one of the newbies here and this is an awesome place to sit back and chill and have fun.u dont have to woorry about people messin with u.oh yeah dont spread the word that im a newbie...lol
  8. I know this sounds wrong but i don't want more people to come to the city cuz I don't want it to get like the rest of the sites, over crowded and full of people who don't seam to have as much time to give on your posts so you end up waiting for a few days b4 anyone posts back, don't get me wrong i want grasscity to expand but not in more people way :)

  9. i know what you mean.i belong to other forums and there are very few that has a good community of people.id say this place for that matter is good only because of people being friendly here.while it does take a while like you said for anyone to reply sometimes.but hopefully we can get more people who like to interact in a forum like this in the future....but in the mean time i plan on being a lil more vocal here...
  10. as long as the mood this place has stays the same (mellow, mature & friendly) then i'm all for more members. i don't think we should cram 'em in and overadvertise like other forums do, i think we're doing just fine...

    i love the city, so i'm happy either way :)
  11. i think having new members is a great thing. It seems like regarless of the number, the quality aspect of this site along woth all other aspects stays great. Besides, it just mean more people to talk about toking with.
  12. It means i have to read a whole lot more posts everyday. =)


  13. exactly my thinkin....i love to read the new post everyday.as long its not rockin the boat.u know what i mean?
  14. I'm glad there's more people joining this forum. If there is one problem I have with this site its that there aren't enough members. I've been telling my friends and I've told people on other forums to check the site out because I really like the way it is setup and I think with more members the site would have more potential to grow in a positive direction.
  15. hope this site doesnt get too overcrowded like 20000 members that wont happen soon though

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