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  1. So then, here's a pretty interesting grow for you:
    a while ago a friend gave me a seed out of a bag of weed we picked up (i think it was blue cheese or some sort of cheese) and i decided to germinate it and have a go at growing some ganja, see if i could actually grow myself some nice personal smoke. after the seed had germinated i planted it into miracle grow seed and cuttings compost in a small tub, placed it on my windowsill and within a day it grew out of the soil. the stalk had a hard time holding itself up so i prompted it up using a stick of filters for roll-ups :smoke:

    for the next month and a half or so it was on the windowsill, now planted in a black bin-bag inside cardboard box being fed on miracle grow singles. in this time it grew about 30cm-ish and became fairly lanky, not alot of veg, just a stalk, with branches with leaves on the ends with varying numbers of parts to them, smaller leaves were starting to grow at the bases of the branches and were about an inch in size on the end on inch long mini branches. it was at this point i re potted it again into an actual pot.

    i then bought a fan, some tin foil, a 60watt bulb and a new light fitting and got to work on creating a makeshift grow-space on the inside of my wardrobe. the plant in this environment with completely the wrong bulb for the job caused the plant to think "fuck the extra foliage i'm growing, i'm just gonna try n reach that shit source of light" and the stem just grew about 5 inches and concentrated on growing 7 leafers.

    it was not until about 2 weeks after the grow space was created that i actually could afford a lamp hanger and a 400watt CFL flowering light, for the 1st 2 weeks after the light arrived i left the light on for 24 hours. it had been about 2 and a half months and i still had no idea what the sex of the plant would be (even though i had switched it to 12/12) because of the dodgy growing method combo and lack of phosphorous in the nutrients i was giving the plant.

    then just when everything seemed to be back on track. the light fell on the plant xD

    I decided to get rid of all the burnt leaves and about 6 inches of the stalk that had been snapped and was still hanging on for dear life by a small piece of plant matter. the light went back on to 24/0 for another 2 weeks for the plant to recover. and my god did it recover. after it went back to 12/12, it started to show it's sex, and it's a female :hello:

    the next step was to change the nutrients. i started using genesis formula a week and a day ago and the plant has gone fucking crazy, like it's been starving and someones finally thrown it a pack of biscuits.

    heres some pics ive taken over the past couple months. the plant has been growing for about 4 months now lmao.

    should be done soon, another month or so because of the heavily slowed down veg process, but it's starting to bud, and it's looking great.





    1st pistils making an appearance


    here you can see the plant now has 2 tops rather than one from the central stalk being removed and keeping the secondary ones that were coming from the bottoms of the branches, which were removed because they got burnt:
    BUDDING (taken today)[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
    hope you enjoyed this! just goes to prove how much shit these plants can take, will update with more pics in a week! :D

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