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A lone rule to the everything.

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by Digit, Apr 28, 2003.

  1. we are one.
  2. l love the concept.But will it work ???????????????/
  3. it does work... all the time.

    the only times it stops working is when someone either doesnt know it, or ignores it.

    but even so.. its still working.
  4. That's right!!!!! what should be learned that this planet and everything that lives on it has a meaning, and that meaning is to create life, why do people have to ponder for hundreds of years for the meaning of life? isn't life a reason in itself? I think that what they call God is infact life, life in everyform there is. The planet keeps us alive, we have food and everything we need in this planet, but we can kill the planet (wich we are doing now with an increasing speed). ANd the reason why we have wars and such things is back to the 10 % brain using stuff. When we reach the 40-50 % mark maybe people are smart enough to realise that it doesn't matter how much you own or anything like that, Indians knew it "You can not own land". Of course in this part of the evolution of human society it's impossible to just chance the "rules" and overall thinking without out all out war and the end of humankind but we have to start doing it or otherwise there aren't any more land or life or anything. Nuclear weapons are the most stupid thing ever, couple of countries have them, US has enough to destroy the whole planet 7 times, if you start a nuclear war an win it then big woo-hooo you're left up with a planet full of radioactive desert, maybe after some 1500 years you can start to re-build the "world".
  5. l disagree.:D lol.
  6. I have to disagree with the brain part. We actually use nearly all of our brain. The 10% figure was from a study done long ago in which they misinterpreted the results. They published their findings and everyone believed that we use 10% of our brains. Later some other people did a study and concluded that we use nearly all of it, but most people don't know about this and continue to make theories based on the faulty first experiment.

  7. yeah but the rule of everything is some what grander and more universal than "this planet" ... but it still works to help aid the planet and its inhabitants to appreciate everything around, to be less destructive. because to be destructive is to self-annihilate, because we are one.

    i wasnt trying to be a nihilist when i said that... althouhg there is great wisdom in nihilism... the meaning of life is life itself. But to go back to my own reference that we are one. you have created devisions and seperations in your interperatation. we are one. so this goes as far to say, do not descriminate from life against non-life. there is no such real distinction.

    Consider the Star.

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