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  1. its common to think that spirituality is difficult to attain. but its not attainment or difficult. it is already there, you are already spiritual. nothing needs to be added or subtracted from your being, it is all there you are perfect as you are. its not something to achieve, it is already achieved. you are already that which you want to attain.

    we all desire to become enlightened. buddah once desired enlightenment. enlightnment is not a gradual process, its not that buddah went on acculminating, and one day he is enlightened. enlightenment is never through acculuminating. what happens is one day buddah realizes the innner treasure. the same treasure is hidden within each of us, its just a matter of realizing its there.

    "we are already that which we will be, which we should be, which we are to be."
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  2. i call bullshit :D

    in seriousness though, i think you are slightly wrong. buddha (gautama) didnt just one day become enlightened. i mean, he DID, but it WAS a gradual process. he meditated for years i believe before he had his great realizations....

    (maybe weed helped him too....its pretty likely)
  3. dear o dear. this the only thread to mention tantra here?

    poor show.

    ^ excellent articles on tantra. ^

    I have a very high respect for tantra for the same reasons i admire taoism and yoga. it's right at the nub, no wordy muddlings creating a loop of projection and feedback, no seperationism, no hypocracy, no giving with one hand while taking with the other. just very plain, simple and direct, no room for subtefuge.
  4. This post is very accurate, it encompasses all teachings of every level. However, knowing the inner treasure is only a part of the process of enlightenment, as it would depend upon what you did with your recognition, and how you went on to subsequently live your life with that knowledge. Anyone can understand the idea of the Buddhist view and what we say reality is, but it's the application of the knowledge that creates the changes you're looking for. In some forms of practise, if you're in the right state, the understanding will trigger a direct experience of the nature of reality, a 'glimpse' of enightenment.

  5. as i was reading your post there MelT, i was thinking... yeah, i need to add a bit about catching a glimpse of enlightenment and inner knowing... n there u go n throw it in right at then end. :p oh i am so redundant. lol.
  6. LOL! As if! Where you been mate? It's been quiet here without your presence!


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