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  1. http://www.bulkapothecary.com/product/raw-ingredients/other-ingredients-and-chemicals/aloe-vera/?gclid=COeF04KM7rcCFTByQgodmV4AfA
    --Hey everyone just found this site, haven't ordered yet but i plan to so if it has good results i will let you guys know.
    --They seem to have a lot if you are interested in the ways of FPE's and or dried aloe in my case.
    --But Just wanted to know if you didn't already know about this website, if you think the aloe is worth purchasin and or would it just be better going with the 200x aloe vera powder I know its the highest concentration but i figured If I'm going to make the purchase might as well use the one that is the most effective and concentrated I plan on using for foliars and and supplementing for molasses in my teas. 
    -- .5 grams with 99 percent water make about 1 gallon once completed so in the process of root dip would i need to dilute the one gallon down anymore or would that be fine?
    -- And as far as my starter mix I ran into some problems with jiffy mix before so i bought vermiculite instead this time so do you guys and gals think 
    1 part EWC
    1 part vermiculite 
    1 part perlite with a sprinkle or two of kelp meal good?
    ---Last question once one gallon is made does it have to be stored in the fridge or is room temperature okay?
    But thanks for the input you guys 
    Happy Growing


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