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A Little Purp! PICS PICS

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by CuT iT OuT, Feb 13, 2009.

  1. Well my main man from home doesn't really know how to post pics online yet so I am doing it for him. He goes to Howard in DC and this is the bud he is getting right now. Any congrats goes to him :D He will be posting in this shit shortly.

  2. looks gooooooooooood:D
  3. Looks nice! What's that run in your area?
  4. i just got up from a dream where i found a pound of that.. no joke.
  5. looks like some nice bud ....... that straight up purple haze?
  6. Looks like some tastey knock you out purp nuggets.
  7. Dam that looks dank and tasty :) GREAT PICKUP for your friend man. :smoke:
  8. damn im 15 mins out of DC...iv only seen nug like that once. nice pick up
  9. Damn man, im right outside of DC and I cant even find bud let alone that. I wish I had a connect like Good buds bro.
  10. Wow thats some dankkkkkkkkkkkkk its got a sexy purple in it too =D

  11. Go find some connects at HU!
  12. Special thank you to my main homie for postin my buds...i'll get some more pics of it soon along with some sour d and other stuff. Thanks for the comments :D
  13. niceee haha i'm goin to howard next year.
    is this what i can expect for tree?

    and CutitOut, do you go to Plymouth State?
  14. damn man looks like some reall nice purp!
  15. looks like some allright purp but not as good as the GDP i be getting in boston.
  16. geezy you're goin to Howard next year? Ayyyyy congrats,i'll make sure you got the connects
  17. I don't see the dankness. Just mids that got too cold.
  18. I know comparing to Cali medical buds is not a fair standard, but that purp is not really dank. Look for trichomes ("crystals"), not color, when selecting bud, if you have a choice. I wouldn't mind smoking a blunt of that purp, though.

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