A little poem.

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  1. I wrote this poem for all of you,
    Who's nights were ruined by the men in blue,
    for every single life razed,
    cause we wanted to get blazed
    Everyone has suffered the abuse,
    Someday those bastards'll lose,
    They kill us and demand tribute
    no empire is forever and no power absolute.

    Just a little poem that I wrote after getting busted. It's about the police or the war on drugs or the governement. You get the idea.
  2. love the last line.. nice little poem..
  3. cool poem man.
  4. Okay, nice poem, nice and short, that is something that I cannot offer, I wrote one too, maybe you'll like it or maybe you won't, it has to do with the same concept of ignorant oppression, but doesn't address marijuana directly, peace holms.


    Welcome all, young and old
    the small and shy, or the big and bold
    those with wealth, boasting platinum and gold
    or those from humble beginnings, recall meals half mold
    I speak to you all, from all different colors
    from all different lands, and all different mothers
    all different tongues, with our own poetic lovers
    we see with our eyes and hear with our ears
    all these differences, and all so queer
    but though we vary we do not understand
    whether it be because of ignorance or just an apathetic stand
    we have to have courage to shake a new hand
    for with out this courage we shall live in fear
    and these differences will become our weaknesses through stuttering jeer
    and I understand that you have so much hate and so much fear
    for me to say that she's a Nit and he's a queer
    she's a chink, and he's a spic
    he's a kraut, and she's a bitch
    she's a dwarf, and he's a sexist
    he's a thug, and she's a sadist
    he's a kite and she's a bum
    she's too fat, and jest the deaf and dumb

    But haven't you ever heard of fear
    that there is nothing to fear but fear itself
    so what is there to fear, but fear yourself
    fear your name, and fear your health
    fear your label, and fear your wealth
    fear your fear, but fear in stealth
    fear the strong, and fear the weak
    to justify and exploit the meek
    for it's the ones with strength they seek
    whether it be the koke slangers
    or gang bangers
    condemned mangers
    or total strangers
    with the sweetest of sweets
    candy for the eye, tongue, and nose
    to hell with it all and admit defeat
    and this is where the hatred grows
    does it really matter where the money goes
    out of your hand and up your nose
    out of the slums and crippled ghettoes
    to some fat cat up top the hill
    spitting down wind to avoid the toxic spills
    saying, "look at all of them, they cheat too
    I just cheat better, better than you"
    this is why the forgotten conclude
    if it's not me than it must be you
    and if not you than it must be them
    Them, Them, Them,
    Them all sum

    So you displace
    and replace
    avoid to face
    face to face
    because you just can't forsake a single face
    so we sit down in our place
    and ignore their face
    and replace their name
    with a single name
    cause they're all the same
    they don't care about me, it's all just a game
    so I don't care about them, fuck them all and fuck their game
    the game's done, game over, leave the streets in flame
    cause they don't understand, they don't feel my pain
    but your right, they don't, but your just the same
    do you honestly try to understand their pain
    than who is worse, and whose to blame
    pain can blind you in your faith, this is true
    but can that justify forsaking a single few
    even if you understand that few is you
    you with a lash on your back, burn on your arm and spear in both thighs
    if you understand all men than you can change their minds
    and forgive those who carry the burden of their crimes
    and choose passivity, to fight their hearts not their homes
    to protect with guns but fight with minds

    Cause everyone you steal, harm or kill
    will just allow the war machine to reach its fill
    then loss will fall on both sides, until all are still
  5. nice poem i didn't want to read colonel's because it was massive (haha)

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