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A little message

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Disorder, Jan 16, 2010.

  1. Now, I don't want to sound disrespectful to anyone, and I do fully appreciate that this is for people who are new to weed.

    However, it seems that many threads seem to be about size, weight, and whether they're getting their "money's worth" for what they're buying.

    Now, what i'd suggest as a general message to people is to remember that prices/sizes/quality etc range all over the place, so it's irrelevant whether somebody else is getting really good quality stuff and more for the same price.

    If that was the case, would you stop buying it? It's about supply and demand - and if that's the only supply in your city, telling your dealer that some guy on a forum gets better stuff isn't exactly going to make him lower his prices.

    What I would suggest is if you feel you want to check quality etc then try and involve yourself in your local scene, and through some first hand experiences you'll undoubtedly get a real taste for the good, the bad and the chronic stuff, as well as meeting new people and dealers.

    Just again I hope people don't take this in bad taste but personally, reading other people's idea of a "good pick up" is frankly never going to affect the stuff I buy at all unfortunately! So good luck people, and happy hunting, educate yourselves!
  2. Well generally in the US the prices are pretty much the same everywhere, canada seems to be about 50% of what we pay here....

    Of course theres always asshats who lie about how much they pay in all those kinds of threads.
  3. #3 TearDownGod, Jan 16, 2010
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    Buy a scale and use the mother fucker people!

    I just started threatening people when they fucked me over. Real dealers love a little bit of fire from a customer, especially if they like you, the shitty dealers just get scared off.

    I told this lesbian last night that I may have to smash some of this girls stuff IE her 2 foot tall pride bong if she didnt give me the other gram and a half of my weed. She was like "blah blah you already bought it" and I said "that's not what the FUCK i was buying, man." Weed was all poofy. I was nearly shiested. I didn't even leave the room before i was like, wait a minute... "I wanna see some skates real quick;)" I guarentee she wont sell to me any more. Hoe. (sorry ,i'm fuming:eek:) But don't complain when some fuck rips you off because you were in a hurry :) You won't get any sympathy from me.
  4. No I completely agree. It's entirely subjective.

    It's all based on who you know. Even in the same town with the same bud it can cost way more. If one guys gets his bud from a guy who is one dealer away from the supplier it will cost much less then the same bud who had to go through 2 more middle men to reach you.

    But if you needed 2 more middle men in order for the weed to find it's way to you then you have to pay for the work they did.

    People bitch about middle men but that is what dealers do. They extend the range of a product. If you didn't have your middle man it wouldn't mean you got weed cheaper. It would mean you got no weed. Otherwise I imagine everyone would already be buying from cheaper dealers with better bud.

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