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  1. Hey,

    Just wanted a few suggestions or ideas on this one, it seems to be doing well but a few of the large upper leaves are starting to curl under at the edge. Any ides what may be causing it? It's about 5-6 weeks old and I'm thinking it must be indica with such big leaves, anyone else have a different opinion? Any feedback would be great, thanks.

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  2. Kind of looks like a PH issue. What PH are you watering with?

    You should give us more information on what you're using, include everything.
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    Hey, thanks for the reply dude. It's just a small grow, 4 plants and they're in a soil mix with pearlite and some pumice stones. I only use purified water and I fertilized it once so far with an all around type. It's NPK and Ca, Mg and S. I gave it a low dose and also a little bit of wood ash to help with the Ph. Don't have a test kit right now, it's a bit difficult to find one where I am at the moment. I've got 3x24w CFL's and a 150w MH. Also I have some yeast and sugar CO2 bottles along with a humidifier and a fan. They've been on pretty much a 24 hour light cycle but only the cfl's, the MH gets turned on only for 4-5 hours a day. It was going really well til last week when I noticed the leaves starting to curl. You mentioned ph, do you think too hi or low? Any other ideas?
  4. How much and how often are you watering
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    once or twice a week depending on the weather and wind. I check the soil an inch or 2 down for moisture and water if necessary. I put them outside from time to time to get some natural sunlight and air and mist them after a hot day or when the MH lamp's been on them for a while, the leaves actually feel dry and a bit like paper at the moment. Think I should introduce a dark period or continue with 24 hrs of light? Also, do you think it's indica or sativa? I heard indica doesn't need as much water, so maybe that's part of the problem.

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