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A little help with clones please!

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by HakonWolfson, Dec 24, 2012.

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    Hi blades. First of all, I know that there are several threads about cloning, but I couldn't find an answer for my question.

    So, te thing is, I have two plants in an indoor (140cmx100cmx90cm) with two CFL's and two PC coolers. Both plants are the same age, about three months, and one of them is 80cm tall and has already started pre-flowering (the other is only 40cm tall and hasn't started preflowering yet) but I just realized that this mother fucker keeps getting taller and I'm running out of space!!! The question is: ¿Is it ok to cut clones out of the two principal branches? (I topped the plant) for now it is the only solution I see that doesn't cost me tons of money and re-wiering work.

    Thanks for your help and have a nice winter solstice

    This is what I would do if you say it is not an awful mistake haha
  2. You can lst and tie down the main stalk to hold her down some. Bend her to where u need her, won't hurt

  3. I thought about it, but I don't know if it's going towork, I mean, she's only 40cm away from the lights and I heard they grow something like 100% taller in the flowering stage :S
  4. If you lst then the stretch when you start flowering will start lower since the branches are tied down so you will have more than the 40cm
  5. Thanks for the help, but, the flowering stage is long and if the plant keeps growing I'll eventually run out of space. Can't you just tell me if what I want to do is going to work or if it's going to be a mistake? Please, is a simple yes or no question...
  6. Yes yes yes yes yes
  7. You can take clones from any branch of the plant but as you cut from the higher into the plant the stems will have less of a hormone that promotes roots growing. The branches from the top of the plant will take but it will take longer to root. Why have you not gone to flower yet? You will end up needing to bend the branches and stake them for support.
  8. Thanks for the help. First of all I wan't to apologize, I wasn't very polite in my last post.

    Said that, thanks very much. Kronic, it's my first grow so I'm kind of a BIIIIIG noob so I let the plant go into flowering naturally, but of course, didn't thought about the height of the plants...Anyway, I now have to buy root hormone and make some clones.... Even with LST I'm running out of space so, clones it is....I'llpost some pictures when I learn how to use the new webcam.

  9. you are indoor so the plant will not flower naturally unless you change your light schedule. 3 months of veg so far?? clone and flip to flower quick

  10. Actually one of the two plants started flowering on its own, so I guess that this bagseed was the daughter of an auto or that indoor thing is a myth :smoke:

    I'm buying the root hormone tomorrow, and making a couple ofclones.

    Good smokes.
  11. I always find clones taken from the topmost fastest growing shoots root the fastest, often by a day or two ahead

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