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  1. I was wondering how would i go about on this cloneing technique? I got a couple of pictures where i want to make the incisions just not sure how and where to do it?

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  2. First of all, don't clone unless you know that the plant is female. By your pictures I definitely can not tell if it is. Second of all, you need a mature plant with good side branches on it and this plant looks immature because there are no side branches. Can you back up and take a picture of the entire plant? Also, if you could get some shots of it with the lights turned off, that would be great.
  3. the plants already into flowering.Its my big mama stavia. Those are just the bottom branches of the plant. i Was wondering if i can just clip those side branches off and use some cloneex.
  4. Clone survival rates drop rapidly during flowering.
    Either you clone in the first two weeks of flowering or you complete the bloom, revegitate you plant and then clone.

    That's what I read anyway....

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