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  1. Okay last october my dad caught me smoking and didnt tell my mom. He was dissapointed.
    Two weeks after that I got caught smoking a cig at school and got suspended. He was PISSED, and so was my mom.
    Two weeks ago they found my stuff in my room and rold me to throw it out. I argued and straight up said "I will smoke weed for the rest of my life"-D-Loc quote haha. Anyway they were super cool about the whole thing and they didnt say you have to quit they just said as parents they cant allow it.
    Last week im not gonna lie, I got super pissed and shit and now they think that the weed is giving me anger issues. Still, they never said"quit you fucker blah blah blah", they didnt go through my room or anything, and btw my room is in the back yard. So what should I do? Im planning on not smoking until I get my room back which will be the 1st of January. I smoke a good amount of weed so im thinking about just taking just like a tolerance break. Because as stated before, I will never quit. So does waiting the rest of december seem like a good idea because I dont want to rush it and be entirly on like fucking lock down. So yee, dont say get a job or move out because well...I CANT. So does this sound like enough time to get there trust back?

    Kottonmouth Kings
  2. You know atleast enough for them to get off my ass.

    Kottonmouth Kings

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