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A little help identifying..

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by xKushKing420, Sep 27, 2010.

  1. #1 xKushKing420, Sep 27, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 27, 2010
    So from where I'm from we don't get many different types of weed at all.
    We have about two main ones, and occasionally you'll find some home grown if you're lucky or some other random ones at times.

    But this is what we usually have. And it's been thrown around that it is Thia Bush.

    So yeah, I'm just wondering if anyone here knows or not?
    It's pretty seedy and has many stems.


    EDIT: Also I know this is shit stuff.. :(


  2. If it has a lot of seeds and stems and no visible crystals I believe you have schwag.
  3. Sorry to say that looks like schwag man. I saw like at least 7 seeds in that first pictue which indicates schwag most of the time. It could be a strain but prolly not well grown then, Im not to sure on this Im sure someone else will chime in but regardless smoke it and let us know how it smokes and shit!:wave:
  4. Yeah, it's full of seeds. :/
    It's basically considered alright stuff over here, we don't get any of the strains I've read about here.

    I mean it smokes alright, once the seeds are gone.
    Shit, it gets me high. I suppose it wouldn't so much if I was used to proper bud. But it's doing the job now.

    I was mainly just wondering if it had a name, but I guess from everyones point of view it's just considered schwag.

    Also when we got it, it was compressed to fuck, this was part of the corner that was compressed. We just broke it up to weigh.
  5. Ya man as long as it is smokable I would smoke that shit up. And I doubt anyone one here would be able to tell you strain names but... you should look into growing. There is TONS of info on this site in case you havn't noticed and If you grew even some decent bud it would prolly shake your world and you would never want to smoke this stuff again lol. I remember the first time I smoked good weed I never looked at schwag the same:eek:
  6. Bah, that is horrible no offense. Schwag.
  7. looks like schwag, and its impossible to indentify weed just by looking at it
  8. If i were you i'd definatley look into growing cause if the only pot going 'round is schwag and it has been for ages then there'd probably be like no heat on weed, which means it'd be alot easier to grow. Just set up a stealth grow in your cuboard :p.
  9. I fully would grow. But I mean where Im from is tiny. It's a shitty island, so anything that comes over is of lower grade.
    And even though this is the case, there is still shit loads of heat on weed.
    I'd say the majority of crime here would be drug related. It's pretty stupid.

    I was mainly just asking about the name because I just wish I knew what shitty weed I was smoking. :/

    Sucks, but like I said, for what it is, it does the job. :smoke:
    So thanks anyway.

    Plus there have been people growing over here, we had some not long back, it was the shit.
  10. If I had a dollar for every seed in that stash...I could use it to buy something better lol
  11. Thai sticks/thai bush generally refers to low quality herb. The genetics from Thai strains are strong, but they don't grow sensi and mass produce it so you get stuff like what you have. I am sure the weed will give you a good stone, but Thai generally refers to a stick with some low-grade weed on it.

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