A little embarassing but I need help

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  1. I need to learn how to ride a bike... I'm in my fuckin 20's for god's sake.... the story is my dad walked out on us before I could ride a bike. I was the youngest and he taught my brothers and sisters how to but I was too young by the time he left. My mom was always busy and all my other siblings were practically grown so they supported themselves and left me alone and we never had a bike to begin with.

    Now I'm gonna look so stupid falling off bikes and trying to learn how to ride one in the streets.
    Is it really that easy? Where can I practice so no one will see me?:eek:
  2. It's actually pretty easy. If 4 year olds can learn, you can too.

    Just sit on it, and pedal until you think you're gonna fall, then put your feet down to keep you from falling. After an hour, you'll know how, I guarantee it.

    Baby steps man.
  3. well ok if you say so... I just don't want anybody seeing me
  4. Dude 666 post lol
  5. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7lAh0exzO2A]More tea, Mr Bike? - YouTube[/ame]

    Couldn't resist, sorry OP..
  6. [quote name='"Alex is awesome"']Dude 666 post lol[/quote]

    he will now take the vow of silence for the rest of his time on gc.
  7. Practice on a small bike, then once you get it, get a bike your size. good luck.
  8. Get a tricycle
  9. dude... i didnt even have a dad and i learned that shit on my own, thats no excuse.

    anyways if you can balance on 1 foot you can ride a bike.

  10. Yeah I have no legs and I learned to ride a bike, buck up OP.
  11. no legs? god bless ya.

    learning how to ride a bike in your 20's.. lol damn half my childhood was spent on a bike. Did you play any sports? how are your reactions and balance? you should really get someone to video tape this, would be some good times on youtube :D
  12. lol yes. film every step of the way and put it on youtube.
  13. get a bike helmet
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    Get a helmet, elbow pads, knee pads, chest support, extra protective shoes ... then sit on the bike, push off and put your feet on the pedals. start pedaling. if you lean one way, try to lean the other way. Other than balance you just need to practice turning and what not. Find an empty parking lot or something, you will get it. good luck
    ps: use the rear brakes, not the front brakes unless its an emergency. in that case use them very very lightly so you dont flip over the handle bars. The rear brakes are engaged by the lever on the right side near the hand grip.
  15. My sister showed me how when i was around 4yrsold, from what i remember riding wasnt hard it was the stoping that gave me trouble. No problem for my big sis tho she jus told me to aim for the big pine trees at the bottom of the hill in our back yard. Tuff love, i figured out the breaks pretty quick.
  16. The way me and my 2 other siblings learned how to ride bikes was by my mom just pushing us down a small hill lmao. Gravity and balance play a huge roll and within the first 1 or 2 trys u should be starting to get good at it,if not the first try. And also grass is comfier than cement hahaha

  17. Grass is comfier than cement, good call :smoke: ! Wear a helmet, gloves, and perhaps more your first time. I watched a good buddy of mine eat shit yesterday. Pedaled 5mi to meet up with him, met up then started riding. Made it almost one block when I hear a wipeout, look back and he went over the bars and ate SHIT in the middle of the street. There was a car full of people who watched the whole thing, said nothing did nothing. He was alright, just a nice chunk of meat missing from one elbow. Start on grass, learn your brakes, take it from there.
  18. Don't be afraid to ride too fast if you're comfortable braking. speed really helps you balance
  19. What he said ^^ if you keep moving forward at a good speed, inertia will make it easy to balance. You just need to get comfortable using the brakes, after that it's just practicing your balance
  20. Dont even think of the brakes.. grass will only make it harder, have a strong buddy stand behind you get up on the bike, have him start pushing, keep your balance, start peddling! Tada .. dont be afraid to crash! You're 20 so you probably can jump or fall with more grace then most kids! Lol

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