A little concerned about smoke and bongs.

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    Bought a nice A.D.S bong few months back for $100 with a nice diffuser, ash catcher/perk downstem with probably about a good 3,000 rips taken to it (very rough estimate) and I ended up washing it out with 2 different things. Rubbing Alchol, mouthwash. Now the reason I used mouthwash was cause a friend of mine said it leaves a nice minty taste in the smoke, so I was like "fuckin right on!" and tried that shit myself. Needless to say it did clean pretty well, about 40% still remains though.

    I didn't want to clean the ash catcher but let's just say it is butt ass filthy from resin and hot smoke build up, I am one day planning to collect the gold that lies within the ash catcher that piles up after every bowl, and I don't want, let me the rephrase that, didn't know if the effects of the alcohol would just lose me a shit load of resin later on. And this resin is straight up BUDS that fell through and stuck to the ash catcher so it's not all that bad. Anyway, the resin remains there till the day it breaks, who knows when that day will come.


    But yes, anyway, to my actual question.

    I've been hitting the bong, alas it does indeed taste minty fresh! Very soothing but still makes you cough and all that shit.

    What I'm concerned about is I take HUUUGE rips out of my bong, it produces a lot of smoke in it, it takes me about 40 seconds of sucking to get that shit just starting to come to the top (3 foot bong). And when I take the rip and hold it in for a merely 5 seconds no longer, I blow out only like 30% of the original smoke I saw in the bong. That leads me to the fact that, the smoke is sticking to my lungs instead, which is 'no lay good' any help or advice to this?
  2. Smoking is bad for you
  3. Heres some help.

    Take less crucial hits.

    Any form of smoke in your lungs, is harmful, then again I don't give a fuck.

    If you give a fuck then don't rip the ganja my man.
  4. lol clean out that A/C

    waterpipe resin= headaches
  5. nahhh, lol. What I'm saying is I want some leadway to why my bong is suddenly doing this? It hasn't been so harsh before.

    Bitch tits.
  6. either: theres so much air in the smoke(less thick) in that 40 secs that it doesnt seem like much when you exhale


    you didnt know that holding it in longer means the longer smoke sticks to your lungs

    thats the easiest way to spot a fake/bad/new smoker. they blow out creamy smoke.

    yea, it leaves tar in your lungs.

    if thats a big deal to you, trade for a vape. i personally hate them but many people like them
  7. When i smoke tree i dont think about what its doing to me

    you just get high haha

    if it bothers you, your probably shouldnt smoke :smoking:
  8. Inhaling smoke filtered or not that contains resin is going to have some lasting effect on you.
  9. dude 95 % of the THC is absorbed into your lungs in the first second.

    and what's to hate about a vape?
  10. 3000 rips over a few (2) months is 50 a day.
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    Do what I did, bong vape it.

  12. dont worry bro it just compresses in ur lungs.

    little hits look big cause they expand as u blow out, big hits look small cause they are compressed in lungs
  13. some=4

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