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  1. hey all well ive been goin out with my girlfriend for almost 7 months .. and she says she will break up with me if i smoke pot .. i unno what i should do ..break up with her .. or just face her about it .. gimmie sum adviec plz ) i rlly need it .. especially with 420 bein 2morrow!!!!!!!!!
  2. dont break up wit her jus for the hell of it if smokings just as important confront her and then break up wit her if shes still not down

    or you could always trap her in a clam bake . . .
  3. how would i do that? lol .. she would never let me or be near when i do
  4. u got a trunk on ur car?
  5. break up with her ..fuck her shes gonna leave eventualy lol. mary jane will always be there.
  6. lol true evergreen

    but .. think .. Head w/e i want .. and maryjane on the side..

    or maryjane where ever whenever " sounds like shakira " and no head lol

    witch one

    and no trunk niether a car
  7. shit. This exact same stuff happened with like three friends of mine in the past few months. their girlfriends force em to leave weed. They still get stoned occasionally though. You might as well stop smoking but just occassionally smoke when she's not looking or if she chills out a bit. Hell, if shit dosn't work out, maryjane will always be there.

    Oh, and one of my friends girlfriends is a real bitch to me because she think I'm getting my friend hooked on drugs or some criminal shit. lol
  8. I think ye should bake some bruwnies. The good ones. Invite her to a movie evening and serve'em. Then yuo ask her if she still is against our sweet mary jane lol.

    Or maybe not...

    Tell her to accept you as you are or go her way. I mean, if MJ is first, what is the next thing she wants to change about you. 's true what they say: Giv'em a little finger and they take the whole hand...haha
  9. well, the way you talk about her, "head whenever" sounds like you don't give a fuck about her for real. so, keep smokin. chances are you guys will break up sooner or later anyway, if she's willing to ditch you over something petty like smoking pot. as someone said, she wants to change you. first the weed, who knows what next, you know? and if you quit smoking weed because she said so, you will be her bitch. :D
    i dunno about you, but seriously if someone was like "here you can either have sex with annnny girl you want, or you can have an ounce of some strong indica" i would take the weed.
    soooo, i would say you need to say clearly to her, "you can either accept it/quit trying to change me, or do whatever you're gonna do cause i'm not quittin," if weed is a big thing for you.
    actually, i personally would say in the first place when it first came up, "if you're serious, you're being a superficial bitch and i don't want to waste any more time with you"
  10. dont break up with a chick for a drug, that is just stupid to me. my girlfriend doesnt want me smoking either, so i stopped for her kinda. i still smoke though. not often, and usually at night when she goes to bed i light up and play video games and listen to music by myself. its all good. and when shit with her does end, i have a lot of friends that i can smoke with if i want to. so just kinda keep it hidden for a while and see how it goes. maybe she will even change her mind somwhere down the line and then ur peace.

  11. just wondering, what age range you in? college? highschool? old fart? just curious.

    when you say head whenever you want, do you mean it? like you can be sittin there watchin tv and ask her and she'll just give you head? i'd take that over weed. you can always come back to weed, can't always come back to a girlfriend. how serious are you guys? is she making you stop cause you smoke too much and it's hurting you or her or the relationship?
  12. Do yourself a favor and break up with her now. Don't let her dump you. Just tell her that if she can't live with who you are and what you do, then theres no point in having a relationship.

    Make sure she knows you are dumping her. Not the other way around. If she really likes you, she'll come crawling back. But don't count on it. Trust me, this happened to me recently. I took the advice I am giving you now and I am MUCH happier.

    Look at it this way, now you'll be able to find a girl who likes smoking as much as you do. :)
  13. don't be stupid and break up with her bro. you're not gonna be smoking all your life most likely, its just a drug that you're into now. don't make weed more then it is. this girl could be good for you, who knows, maybe you end up with her for good.

    and its not really an issue of her not liking you for who you are, it is just that she is misinformed about weed. i used to be like that only 6 months ago. i was so anti-weed, anti-alcohol. i thought it was the worst. so you can't blame her for just not being open to it right now because all her life through all her schooling she has been getting an anti-drug message. if you really like her, stick with her, and try to forgive her for not understanding your love of marijuana. maybe one day she will.
  14. im in Highschool .. yes im over 18 .. got held back soo im a senior and i dont only mean head .. i mean i get play /... is what we call it around here.. but yea she is like im to good for guys who smoke weed and there not my type

    i unno
  15. hey man i might have changed my mind a little. if she said "im too good for guys who smoke weed" fuck that yo. no one is better then anyone. get head from that bitch and lie to her about weed if thats what it takes for u to get shit from her. and ur in high school anyway. fuck it yo.
  16. Just keep fuckin her, but dont ever take her anywhere, except maybe a hotel!

    If she really wants to leave you, there's more where she came from!

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