A Humboldt Story - Documentary - The Birth of the Marijuana Industry In California

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  1. A Marijuana Documentary Thats a Counter to Murder Mountain

    A Humboldt Story is a short cannabis documentary which explores the interesting history of cannabis in Humboldt. This documentary will show you what is now a tourist destination was once an underground battle against the police and DEA as cannabis legalization had not come to pass.

    Around the same time as the birth of Silicon Valley, and just a few hundred miles north, a small group of city kids moved into the mountains, and accidentally ignited a multi-billion dollar industry. This is the story of the Heartland of modern day cannabis.

    You might not know how it all started, but you've probably smoked a fine Humboldt weed. From the Vietnam war until it grew with popularity to become the recreational marijuana that we know today 2019!

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  2. Yep I live in Humboldt county beautiful area.
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  3. Yeah, It is :)
  4. Their is no other place like northern Cali love it
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