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A how to question...

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by IowaPotHead, Jan 13, 2004.

  1. So my friend and I plan on smoking this blunt the other night. So she arrives at my place with two wraps. (we have a history of fucking them up) We try the first one and it tears....whoopty doo so we get the other one out and it starts out good and then it rips again! But, we managed to save it by patching it with papers. Really fucking emberassing huh? So please, lets hear how this magical past time is done? I know there are some true experts out there that could do this blind folded. Whats my problem???????
  2. my only tip is to go easier with it, take more time... if its ripping your tugging on it too much in the wrong direction/or too hard, ease up a bit and you should be fine...

    maybe try licking the wrap you moisten it a bit, which will help it stay together.
  3. first of all. if you were using a blunt wrap and not actualy splitting a phillie or such, then you need to learn blunt wraps suck they always rip for me as well
  4. Do you roll freehand?

    If yes, then try to roll over a cigg or a pen, connect the bottom corners, spread the top untill you have that perfect trumpet, lick, and as you glid your fingers from the bottom to the top, blow gently down the trumpet (to get resistance when connecting the glue side with the non glue side, then you should have the perfect spliff :)
  5. do you ever roll joints? Rolling with a wrap is like rolling a big joint with thicker papers.
  6. HIGH school man, I've done it every day for about 3 months before school at about 7:45 in the morning, and I thought about quitting before school, but not gonna happen.
  7. I think Adam is right. You need to lick the wrap and spread the wetness around with your thumbs/fingers. That is if it's breaking because it is too dry. I don;t use wraps but I know dutches and phillies will tear if they are too dry(like when they aren't fresh).
  8. Sweet...thanx alot!
  9. next time use the search button, i know for sure i have posted tips on rolling blunts...and if it keeps tearin, try using royal blunt wraps , they are so easy to roll with, they come in many different flavors, and look like they are stuffed swishers when your done, fav. flavors are sour apple, blueberry, and honey cognac
  10. wraps are easy to rip.... but they also come wrapped around a little straw thing to make them naturally rounded (like a poster or something) and makes it easier to roll. just be careful with it.... depending on how fat you try and roll it, theres usually a lot of wrap left to twist around the weed. its different than rolling a joint in a way, its just a bit harder to get it to stick

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