A horrible weather pic....!!

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  1. typical weather here yestersay...i meant to post this in the "good morning thread".....but hey what the hell i'm stoned and i'll just post it here as it is a pic!....lol...Peace out Sid....a view across the local river in the rain... :(

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  2. beautiful- wheres that *(generally)?
  3. West Scotland.....just pic a pic of Scotland.....point to the middle and then go the left hand side of the mainland and i'm just about there on the river clyde....Peace out...Sid
  4. Thats what it looks like here today..

    It has been in the 20s-30s the last 4 days. oday it was in the 60s. tommorrow temps only in the 30s again and snow mixed with sleet.. Thursday's temp only in the low 20s for the highs.

    Tennessee weather...If you don't like the weather today... stick around for a couple more days! lol
  5. A Scotsman eh?? I didn't know you lived there. It must be daytime for you now, I would immagine. I'm in central U.S. What are the mj laws like there?
  6. yip born and bread....lol....as for the future weather it's to snow wed-fri.....and as for mj laws....it's illegill here, legal to own seeds but illegill to put them in soil....fucked up i know......and i'm pretty sure in the summer they're going to decriminalise cannabis for possesion of less than 2 oz or something......but it's still gonna be ilegill.....another fucked up one.....in other words don't carry more than what they say and you'll be ok......Peace out...Sid
  7. Have you seen Braveheart? What a great movie that was...it takes place in Scotland.
  8. yes i have to admit i loved the film, some was very far from the truth...lol....but hey it's only a movie....as for filmed in Scotland....some of it was, and some was also filmed in Eire as they both look the same and have the same terrain, however because of our stupid govt, it's too expensive to film the whole film here.....ps Mel Gibson hated the midgies, they're like minature mosquitos indigenous to Scotland.....itchy little buggers....Peace out...Sid

    ps and they reckon William Wallace was over 7' tall...not like Mel....lol

    pps and Robert the Bruce was allways a good guy...he was also over 7' tall and was one right ugly muther....they rebuilt his face to discover he's been hit in the head with a hatchet and a few swords across the face in his time.....and he had the same disease as his father......Peace out...Sid
  9. LOL

    I remember in the movie there was the myth he was 7 ft...didn't really think that applied to real life. So Robert the Bruce had leprecy?

    Here's a pic of the weather here...it snowed all afternoon and was just starting to let up. St. Louis is in the midwest where the Mississippi and Missouri rivers meet.

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  10. it looks like that up here too .. im in canada ... and i wish it was 30 degrees out here ... its closer to -20C ...
  11. look at all that snow....man i wish it was snowing here....i love snow.....and yes he had lepracy, or whatever disease it was his old man had.....Peace out....Sid
  12. Wow. I havnt seen weather like that in a long time, being a native texan. Today we saw little ice cicles on a bus stop bench we were like holy shit!!! It was about 50 and thats DAMN cold.
  13. HIGH All, got some of that scottish blood in me and it's one of the places we have to visit one decade.

    Keep those pictures of your gorgeous country coming it's the only way to get used to that camera of yours.
  14. you should....you'll love it!....especially up north, i love fort william and the little places on the way there, like the drovers pub!, it's approx 500 years old, and has lots of history to it....the floor is the original flagstones, and lots of game hanging on the wall.....2 original fireplaces and it is haunted as well...lol....good pub, big beer garden and the view is just spectacular....i'll get pics next time i'm there......Peace out...Sid
  15. scotland is definately on my "to-visit-sometime-in-my-lifetime" list :D
  16. yeah, I want to visit sometime as well--does anybody know whether there are parts of Hadrian's Wall still standing--I'm not planning a trip but I'd like to know
  17. yes....there is still parts of the wall in standing, there are also older walls built by the romans before they were forced back, one runs through parts of Glasgow.......Peace out....Sid

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