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a High before getting High?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by JayHayz, Jul 25, 2010.

  1. I decide to wake and bake. I grab my stash. I load up the bong. All of a sudden i feel all happy and good inside. all relaxed and shit. AND I HAVEN'T PICKED UP MY LIGHTER YET!:p maybe i was visualizing my self smoking that bowl and i got an imaginary high. does anyone else feel this?
  2. Smoke the night before? Get some afterglow going on? Hahah. That's the only thing I can think of.
  3. I always feel pretty damn good before i smoke. if you're like me and only smoke like once a week, you should feel pretty good :)
  4. yea, smoked the night before? sometimes i wake up in a daze like that. not high, but not sober either.
  5. when i was a kid i always used to skateboard down this one street to this spot that i would always blaze at, and to this day whenever i go down that street it feels like i just blazed :p
  6. I've heard stories from a certain friend about her waking up high 10 hours after being completely baked (slept for 10 hours).
  7. Yeah, it always feels good to know ur about to smoke hehe
  8. i haven't smoked anything in like a week.
  9. u sleepsmoked
  10. dreamin about my 8 foot bong:cool:
  11. your brain is happy that your about to give it an extremely important component so you it gives you waves of pleasure in anticipation.
  12. If you smoked the day/night before you probably had an afterglow thing. Hard to believe, but I got completely and utterly baked once, and my 0% tolerance meant that I didn't feel sober for 4 days after, 4 days haha... :smoking:
  13. i know what youre talking about man, i always have that feeling before i go smoke. its like a pre-high, its awesome. i just feel all relaxed and everything is right.
  14. It's because your brain knows how much you like marijuana and being high, and it knows that when you packed that bong hit, it's going for a great ride.
  15. now after a few joints ive noticed that this happens alot. :smoking:
  16. you got the pre highs man, i used to get SO high before smoking, it was almost like i didnt even need to smoke. its just your body knowing whats coming and making it happen. its great :smoking:
  17. pre highs to save weed? you'll never run out!:D
  18. Exactly how i feel after smoking just before going to sleep.
  19. Your brain is just stoked that you can be high once again..

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