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A hermit?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Big Poppa Puff, Sep 13, 2002.

  1. Its almost over and this has been a very bad week for the Big Poppa.

    I'm trying to take stock of my life and see how good I've done with my New Year's Resolutions. So far, so good about the only thing I haven't done is learn how to juggle. I know what to do and how to do it, I just haven't had the time to practice my juggling skills.

    But then I had a very sad thought. I very seldom smoke with other people than my wife. And most of my smoking is done solo. Am I a hermit? or is it just being an old person of mid 30's that there just aren't many people out there to smoke with? I can count one hand the # of smokers the past year: Cowboy Saxman, his wife, an old buddy, and his wife. 2 weekends out of the past 52 that I've got to share my potent bad mojo weed with others. Is this normal? Is there anything i can do to change this? Hell I wish I knew.
  2. Poppa I know what you are saying. I feel the same way brother. I think it's because we are afraid of that one person being an officer of the law. I have smoked with several people this year and it's always the same that I have over the past years. Lately I've only smoked with other people a couple of times. We n4eed to get together and smoke up. Maybe we can get Critter to join us!

    Hermits don't smoke do they????
  3. I can completely relate to what you all are saying. I have a close circle of friends that I smoke with on a regular basis and I usually don't smoke with anyone aside from them. I seem to do alot of smoking by myself anymore as well. I remember a time when I burned down with so many people......I met alot of different people that way. I just enjoy the comfortable, down to earth buzz I can keep if I'm around the ones I love the most. I don't have to worry about them calling the law, being the law, or just using me for my weed. But I guess it's where I have so much more to lose now than what I did when I was younger that I'm this careful anymore.

    It just saddens me that you don't know if the strangers you meet that claim to be stoners are just really under-cover police officers or trust-worthy people really looking for a buzz that they can't find anywhere else.
  4. Heh, I'm a rather introverted toker as well, though I'm not 'old' like you guys, heh. tho I have been smoking for a good while. I find smoking alone to be incredible. I can listen to music on my headphones and read by myself, as well as other things that may or may not be a leading cause of carpal tunnel (sp?) syndrome. Yes, I'm talking about video games ;)

    heh, if any of you are ever in northern illinois lemme know and you'll have a ready and willing smoking buddy waiting at your doorstep. :)
  5. Awright lil' soldier, gird your loins and suck it up!

    It's quality, not quanity, when it comes to smokin partners.

    If you're really that lonely, send me a plane ticket!

    I'd get it myself but I kind of live in state of constant financial impairment. 2 near teen daughters, ya know!

    I'm kinda in the other boat. I always got folks coming by.
    Some, because they're out of smoke. Others just to visit.
    I really remember those who took care of me during a recent dry spell. I will also remember those I've took care of during their dry spells who were no where to be found when I hit my dry time!

    I do so enjoy the solitude. Sunday morning, that's kind of like my church. I always get up early, do a wake and bake, and just ponder.

    But if you fire up your 'puter, you'll always find some company here at the city! I had a blast a Friday nights ago hanging with Ganjaphish, RMJL, Normy, and a few others. Granted you have to type instead of talk, but that kind of adds to the challenge!

    Next time you need some company during a smoke fest, let me know when, as long as it's on a weekend, and I'll make arrangements to be around and week can play with the PM feature here at city.
  6. Well hopefully my few weeks of funkiness have come to an end. I think its related to the weather because I've been in this mood since this drought started a month ago and we've had our hottest temps of the year after Labor Day. Maybe the full Moon this week will cheer me up. ;p

    I had a big talk with the Mrs. friday and we both agreed that our karma needed turning. Then she unloads a couple probs on me and I have to go into the DAD mode for a while.

    But whichever supreme being is in charge of karma turning gave us lots of opportunity. I was the most courteous driver you have ever met, we found a girls lost purse on Friday night and turned it in to the restaurant manager (and then my wife double checked with him to make sure the girl got her purse), I helped an old lady choose some plants for her flowerbed at the Home Depot (after the HD clerks wouldn't help her). And rather than watch football and sports all weekend I cooked, did laundry, help clean the house, so my wife could enjoy her weekend to. So hopefully these few good deeds may impress someone to ease my burdens.

    But best of all thanks to my friends here at the City. You listen to my moans and groans and offer you support. Thanks for listening to my belly-aching and I'll try to go as long as I can till I need to unload again. BudHead, I'm still coming to your part of the world in Novemeber. Make sure you clean your house up before I arrive and please, please,please, please, please try to have Miss Judd with you.

  7. I remember that night Smokinokie!!!! That was a DAMN good thing we all had going on. I love it when it gets rockin' at the City!!!!!!

    I get high with so many different people. People drop by here all of the time and if someone's dry then I invite them over to smoke it up. I know very few people who don't get high so it's rare for company to come over and us NOT get stoned! But...I LOVE my alone highs. There's nothing better than loading a fat ass bowl and having it ALL to yourself. Like now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yep, I'm a HAPPY girl when I'm all fried out by myself!!!
  8. Come on up BPP. If you will PM me with the dates i'll check and see about Ashley! I know that shes in california right now with her hubby.

    House stays clean these days. I have a house lady tking care of the house and baby for me. I hope to see ya soon!

    RMJL I'll be up yuor way in about three weeks! I hope you are free this time. It'll be a pleasure to meet you!

  9. I don't want to meet her hubby, just her.
  10. please don't say your old! i'm turnin 30 here in a bit. i don't feel old. you shouldn't either. you need to take up a class or activity or something, you need to meet some people. You would feel a whole lot better with yourself, i bet there are alot more people who smoke than you realize. i took a cake decorating class and met this chick who likes to smoke. go figure eh? There's a few girls in my dancing class who smoke too. There's alot out there for ya. whatcha waiting for, go out there and meet some people and show em how it's done!
  11. Well ya'll need to make another Nawlin's trip soon!!!

    PoohGator and I would love to see you and the Missus again!!

  12. hell yeah!!

    i remember that, youall sent me a karma high :D!!

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