A half gram of coke..

Discussion in 'General' started by Lil Loko, Sep 13, 2007.

  1. Okk.. SO i've never done coke before and am curious to try it out with a friend.. I've been recently thinking of picking a half gram ($25) up.. Would that be enough to split between 2 ppl? And how long does the effects last?.. etc

  2. if its good, it can be. make sure its all solid tho, dont want shake.
  3. yeah man, when I used to buy coke, i'd always get FAT rocks. It's legit. Maybe you'll get some flaky ass fish scale yayo. Shits good stuff man, shiny and scaly lookin. lol. I dont do it no more..... but when I did, I'd buy HALF OUNCE ROCKS. Yeah man, thas wha's up.
  4. A common misconception is that rocks contain higher purity..

    But then again, it'd prolly be better than shake.. so yeah..
  5. yep theres certain cuts dealers use to make it rock up and stick together
  6. i do actually agree, fishscales are better... but in general chunks are by far more pure atleast around here. Of course, anyone can rerock it.
  7. i used to get yayo from a guy and it'd always be shake, but it was really good stuff, low cut and not cut with meth, the kind of stuff that truly makes your whole face go numb. i got once from a guy that was rocked up all nice, and it seemed more cut than blow. so you cant always be sure.

    put it this way, if its crap yay that .25 won't do much, and even if it were pure that wouldn't be enough to cause an OD. so just find out
  8. :wave:i suggest you make your cheapass mooch-buddy buy his own half gram. and then you chince him and take a few points and snort them at the dealers house "tee hee"
  9. I think you should buy a gram for both of you, you won't be disappointed.
    Even if it's weak shit (which I doubt cause s. FL coke is great), it'll be enough to make you feel nice and geek'd
  10. lol a few points off of .5
  11. if you've never done it before, a quarter gram should be good for a night.
    however, i like .5/night.

  12. If you start trying to figure out ways to fuck your friends over for coke, you might have a problem.
  13. id rather have it in the rock even if theres some stuff in it. cus i got ripped off before with baking soda that was just powdery and i couldnt tell til i got home.
  14. Insert comment about how you shouldn't do coke here.
  15. In NJ, FIsh scale is like, the BEST coke in the country in my hood. I think hollywood is the ONLY place who had more pure street coke. Some crazy shit.

    A half gram between us... We were fucking GOOD for a bit.
  16. yup I used to live in bergen county for a bit, and newark and elizabeth had some fire. Harlem def. had better shit though, I guess it's just the people you know

    south florida has that fire

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