A guy I know just put out some nice plants off a clone.......NICE.

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by OneWheelBiting, Apr 13, 2006.

  1. A guy I know just put out some plant of a clone they are doing beyond super.

    1 question I never thought we would have to ask is what do you do with all the extra we are certain to have? I mean we ain't dealers we're reformed and just smoke now. Should we bury it or burn it in the fireplace later this winter? Anyone had this kind of problem?

  2. LoL

    Left over what?

    Buds? or Clones?

    Clones Id keep to myself (security) except to ppl you can 100% trust.

    Buds...share the wealth! Smoke all your friends up:D
  3. Nice thought being able to trust someone 100%...lol
  4. Uhhhh....cure it and keep it to smoke....?
  5. send it over ill take it
  6. im still confused do you mean clones or buds??
  7. Bud, he planted all the clones.........

    We figure we can only smoke a O a month and keep our head straight. That said if we find half of what we planted we are going to have 5-6 extra pounds no one wants sitting around their house. Sherrif lives next door. No a deputy either, The Man....lol
  8. i suggest that you either make some nice solids or even turn them in brownies or muffins, you can freeze them down and bring them out for special occasions, alternatively put em in a big box and send them over to the uk first class post( i wish)
  9. hey man ill gladly take it of ur hands i mean shit 5-6 pounds and ur gonna burn it? :confused: why? i mean shit do what the other guys said take a ziplock freezer bag zip it till theres a lil hole then suck all the air out wit ur mouth seal it and stick it in the freezer, if ur smokin only an ounce a month u should never have to grow for like 8 years. ur a lucky lucky dude
  10. Don't waste it, come on now, if you don't want it just give it to your friends for free. I'm sure they would apreciate any free bud!
  11. Well he has come up with a plan turn all the trimming into hash. The fix a bunch into muffins for a friend of ours who has a bad form of liver cancer....
  12. im like everyone else freeze it or send it my way man i only keep two female plant for myself that last me all winter i just seal it and freeze it works good
  13. dude dont count your chickens before your eggs hatch
  14. uhh..what problem? is that the worst case scenario, more bud that u expected? seems more like a solution to me. put it in a jar and smoke it. dumb question btw
  15. dead on.

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