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  1. Welcome all to my little grow! I've been growing for about 6 years now and I've recently decided to redecorate one of my grow rooms with shiny new equipment! But until I have the time to set it all up I thought I would pop in a few barneys farm blue cheese lady's to pass the time. Out of 5 fem seeds 4 sprouted and grew strong roots after 2 days which is pretty good I think. Then I moved them to small rockwool cubes under a 125w cfl for 24/0 in my propagation room for a week before transplanting them to larger 4 inch rockwool cubes for a further week. They have now been in my grow room for a week in 15ltr pots with coco soil being fed with Cana coco A+B under a 600w metal halide with a digital ballast. They look pretty healthy to me other than the slight disagreement we had about when they were ready for nutrients resulting in a couple of burnt leaves but we are all good now! Any advice will be welcomed and I will try to upload some more pictures and keep you posted soon. Thanks for reading!

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  2. Lookin good
    What do you use for fans and ventilation?
    Check out my grow, it's kinda similar

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