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Discussion in 'General' started by The Gerrick, Jul 30, 2002.

  1. A few budies and I went over to this place in South Africa.I'm surprised that not many know of it though as its only been passed by word of mouth,but I think it's time we get them out of the closset.When we got there there were 2 other guys from the UK blowing clouds of smoke like you've never seen trough a Horn the traditional African way of smoking over there and without hesitation they offered it over,so as we were there for it we took it and did we fly the rest of the day
    Was it a trip and a half,the guys that run this place provide as much weed as you can smoke.They provided more than ample of the good stuff to keep an Elephant high for a week,on the first day.And all of it was good Durban Poison and Swazi Skunk all home grown and fresh too and they even have a few hybrids and strains of their own,it was so incredible.
    You just sit around all day toking it up and they do the rest .........provide munchies,fluids to your taste they even put you in bed when you have to much,ect they took us on sight see'ing tours with being stoned always on top of the list,a smokers dream I say what more could we ask.And with their exchange rate its a blast too.Man do they know how to give you a high time while there.They treated us like royalty and we stayed (stoned) longer than we planned to with this kind of treatment and hospitality,we can't wait to get there again we have even contacted them and confirmed our stay over with them this year.
    We might even see you there some day after this...
  2. sounds awsome..but...where is this place?
  3. yeah really, sounds cool as shit.
  4. Its in a small town called Piet Retief in South Africa you can contact the guys who run the place there at micheldelving@hotmail.com for more info on it we were a bit to stoned there to notice but it was great though.
  5. awsome...I might have to look into this place

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