A great curse or a Great Secret? Talking to god?

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  1. Did the government alter the ouija board? I like the WEED JA board... I mean Its interesting.

    At least it says WEED JA instead of OUIJA (Not In Ja)

    I was just curious although I do not require a board to get answers. I ask a question and my vision is directed to the correct response. Whether it be YES (ay, c, ia, ya, si) and NO (naw, na, no, on, neve). The answers are right and the only time i'm thrown off is when my heart deeply desires something to be true that is not. I started off trying to talk to Jehovah bc thats what my parents taught me to be God's name. I went by the bible but then started discovering many new things.

    One day the herb hit me. The ouija board does not work and I stay away from it, as i am suspicious of its name, but the general concept operates inside my head. I am able to ask god a question and get a reasonable answer, either from the TV or writing on papers, signs, billboards, and walls. I think that if there really is a god, communication with him is 100% possible. And when I am able to find truth like this, it is rather intriguing. I think its worth spending a life time to finally be able to communicate with the one that created me. I know some people disagree, but I stay away from these boards out of caution.
  2. if you really want to talk to god. Talk to others around you.

  3. They don't talk. Thats why God's the only one left.
  4. How do you expect to talk to god when you can not talk to other humans ( which are of god) around you? the very presence of god is having other people around you talking about god.
  5. We were made in Gods image, in religion we make God in our own image. drop any idea you have of God and begin to know yourself all answers(to real questions) will be there, I assure you.
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    exactly. being made in god's image. The evil is right there tryin to fuck me up cuz i'm so close to the truth. actually, the truth is in that cannabis. The government kept the tree of the knowledge of good and bad from us, Not God. That way they can tell us their own "good" and "bad", while still making us fear the plant that gives us life.
  8. In reality, the truth is actually down here.. on the earth. Look at god's creation ( man) and see what it is doing. only then, you will have your answer to the truth.
  9. The Ouija board if a tool used for talking to evil spirits.

  10. updated and yes i am not interested in books, or boards, i realize the real law. Love.
  11. exactly, now you are gettin it.

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