a good strain for my area

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by Mystikal, Jun 4, 2002.

  1. I am starting to grow outdoors and I was wanting to know what is a good strain to grow in TN
  2. start out with Top44, or you could go with Durban Poison.
  3. First grow...top44,nl....second grow...tennessee huh,...Skunk #1,Durban Poison,Gx13 Hashplant....check around my friend....tennessee is famous to me for that tightbud homegrown skunkbud,,someone in your area may be smoking or have access to some,,for you to seed snoop..

  4. I also grow in tennesse and im a newbie if i was you but im not but if i was i wouldn't tell anybody about it i only got one person that know about my crop but he is my best friend if you sell it get someone else that is a good friend to you to sell it.DO NOT TELL HIM TO BRING BUYERS TO YOU!You never know what will turn out.They ask your friend for some bud your friend says he will be right back and he comes to you ALONE!You give it to him he gives you money and Vala you just sold some bud the old fashion way.And also dont tell anyone maybe 1 person that is in on it with you but no one can be trusted hardly.Under the pressure of law anyone can crack into a snich almost.So do this same techinuqe for the best possible chance of not getting caught
  5. I too was wondering what would be a good strain for outdoors in my area. I live in Alaska, only about 15 miles away from the infamous Matanuska Valley. Nobody talks about what strains they got around here, its either "this is the chronic shit" or "this is some REALLY chronic shit" . Thanks
  6. ive never heard of strains what are they

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