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  1. ok i wanted to ask a question now everybody dont answer at the same time. lmao haha !! But i wanted to know will a plant grow quicker if you give it 24 hours of light in veg or will it grow just as fast with the 18 hours on and the rest off ?
  2. Faster with 24/0 and it'll generally stay shorter, as it doesn't have a dark cycle to stetch.
  3. Faster with 24, but you're really stressing the plant and risking a hermie. 18 is recommended.
  4. I'm sorry Mr. Monkey, but 24hrs of light does not stress the plants and does not contribute to hermaphroditism. No regular & unchanging light cycle from 12/12 to 24/0 will cause hermies.
  5. In addition to Mr. Smelly's good info, roots grow faster at night. A light cycle of 24/0 helps to keep pot size down. However, if you're rooting clones or otherwise looking for more root growth, having a dark period each day can help.
  6. There is much debate on 24/0 vs. 18/6, many threads here already dedicated to that discussion, and it isn't resolved yet and won't be in this thread either. Both work well, it's only a matter of whether one works a little better than the other. Proponents on both sides.

    18/6 can be a better choice for an entirely different reason, heat management -- if your grow op is subject to ambient temps then you might want to go lights-out during the middle of the day just to keep the grow from getting too hot. Otherwise, you can choose either veg cycle (or something in between like 20/4), whichever strikes your fancy, and it will be all good.

    I do agree with Jelly that 24/0 is not a source of stress to cause hermies.

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