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Discussion in 'General' started by patriot, May 10, 2002.

  1. This doesn't really have anything to do with cannabis, but a Libertarian colleague of mine raised a good question and I am looking for some input on this. When golf professional Payne Stewart's plane went off course and did not respond, 4 fighter jets were scrambled in 12 minutes. They reported back that the windows were frozen and they knew the cabin lost pressure. This was a very sad day for me because Payne was the only golfer I followed. I quit watching golf on that day. The question though is if 4 fighter jets could be scrambled in 12 minutes, why were there no fighter jets scrambled on September 11th, 2001? There were 4 commercial airbusses that went off course and did not respond. One of them went from Dulles in Washington,D.C. all the way to Cleveland and then crashed in Pennsylvania. There were passengers on cell phones communicating with people on the ground about the situation on board. This one in particular was in the air for over 2 hours. I have an idea on this one, but I wanted to post this in several places and get all the input I can. Thanks in advance for responding.
  2. Good Question. I've pondered it before. Guess it's time to go get me an answer.

    Don't time me tho , I'm old;)
  3. I have brought that question up on several occasions.

    Why didn't the government pay any attention to the warnings they were given?

    I believe that this ordeal could have been alot lesser tragedy.
    I also believe that Busch had to let this happen to start a war that most of the poeple would back him on. We may never know the real reason behind this stupid shit!
  4. I ran across something online that talks about F-16's that were scrambled for flight 93 over Pennsylvania.


    Of course, don't believe everything you read but it does bring up even more questions.
  5. Thank you for the web site. I will pass it along. I appreciate all the responses here. I have other responses and a web site as well. With the Amerikkan Government being as corrupt as they are, I wouldn't put anything past them. I know they wanted this war because of the oil in the Caspian Sea. Legal industrial hemp would stop all this. Dubya is an oil man. I would like to douse him in it. It would look good on him.

  6. has somebody been chatting w/ rainman a little to much lately? ;)
  7. Please don't get me started...I might blow a gasket, or something. [​IMG] [​IMG]


  8. We probably will never know, but it's not too hard to speculate. I agree, I think Bush had something to do with this ~ happened when his DAD was in office, we had a nice little Gulf War, right?

    There was the controversy over the close election Gore vs. Bush that left alot of people sore, and not too pleasant with Bush in office as it was. Maybe being the hero in a war with the terrorists was something that sounded like a good idea to Bush's administration?

    See I'm point-blank speculating here, I better stop. My dad used to pound on me for opening my mouth without facts to back it up so I'm gonna go do some searching on the web, see ya in a few days ;)
  9. A satirical magazine in the uk. It seems that Bush and Bin Laden have more in common than we think.

    The year is 1969 and the Vietnam war has started. A young man by the name of "Dubya" is called up to serve his national service. He applies for the national guard and although there is a list of thousands- he gets in on the same day- nice to have a powerful father. He get's trained to fly planes that were being phased out of service (and so would never see combat).

    So he gets to know someone- I forget his name- who's father also pulled a few strings and got him in the guard. So this guy is already connected with a dynisty called bin Laden.

    Anyways- while this guy becomes a successful guy, bush becomes the ever famous play boy that he was. Needing money he set up an energy company. A big investor in this "company". Arbusto energy- and what does Arbusto (spanish) mean in english? BUSH!

    So where does a lot of this guys money (over $50,000) come from- yup that's right- his good friends- the family bin Laden.

    So i dunno how much of that is mis interprated or how much is bs but hey there it is.
  10. Everyone is on the right track...ganjaphish is right on about the need to be informed.

    Please, remember that the news you read is mostly propaganda...read between the lines, and read newspapers from other countries.


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