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a good poll about good polls

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Digit, May 6, 2003.


What makes a good poll? (select all that apply)

  1. impatiality in the options. not having the poll makers opinions too obviously expressed.

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  2. enough diversity in the options to allow everyone to choose as accurately as possable

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  3. consice options. and few of them. creating a definitive outlook at the end.

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  4. having something ganja related on option six because its green.

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  5. having comical cop-out answers at the end for people who want to abstain from voting yet want to sta

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  6. Ganja related topics

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  7. Having the option i want. (screw everyone else)

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  8. A poll that gives some form of worthwhile (if only slightly usefull) outlook as to the makup of gras

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  9. none of the above. (please elaborate)

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  10. whats a poll?

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  1. yay! a poll about polls.
  2. hahahah! i shoulda added one that said "polls where all the options are speeled correctly!" hahaha. impatiality...? what?
  3. You forgot to add an option that stated "polls that deal with Ashley Judd irregardless of the subject matter"

    That would have been my selection. :D
  4. Not to change the subject, but let me change the subject anyway.

    Diigt, I read some post that you were playind around on emode talking to some matched up chicks. Did you take the emode IQ test? I took it today and it spat me out a pretty high IQ test score. I, being the skeptic that I am, didn't beleive this number but wanted to talk to soemone else who took the IQ test and see what they thought about the test and their score.

    I am tempted to pay the $15 to see my complete test score, but am skeptical that they gave me a big score just as a selling tool.

    Why do I want the complete test score?? I want to see which questions I answered wrong and what the right answers are.
  5. ashley judd was born a man... she actually had a tiny penis she called "dilly" ... not sure why... but anyhoo... she had it removed when she was 13... but she still has her dilly as a reminder of her true self... haven't you ever wondered why she only takes it up the arse?

    hehe... ouch... i think ive gone too far... :) BPP don't be sad

  6. yep i took that one. i trust it too. i got 133. which is three less than when i was previously tested.

    having said that though...i took the "test the Nation - national IQ test" on TV here in the UK last night and i dropped 20 points to 116! something tells me that test was bullshit because you dont normally have some skrecky bitch blabing all manner of bs as your trying to take an IQ test.

    i really dont think it could possably be worth your time getting the report from them. it seems like a con just to get money.
    If u wanna know more about yourself just take all the other tests there.

    ps. polls have been on the whole far to juddy lately. sorry bpp.

    and skedastik.... your saying htose types of things in the WRONG place. i'd either delete that or watch your back around here from now on. :p
  7. I took the emode IQ test once. It was about the same score I had on another online IQ test. 145-150 I don't remember the exact score.
  8. Digit,
    I like your polls and I think you do a good job. To me they are usually pretty amusing and as long as the poll is on a topic that is of some interest to me I will take it. So keep up the good work. I did the emode thing-not the I.Q. one I think it was the one on what kind of personality are you. Anyway I stupidly paid the $15 bucks and the results came out seeming like bullshit to me. I mean it sounded nothing like me. So I think that site is evil. I certainly don't trust or recommend it.

  9. wow dude... get your ass to mensa!

  10. You both beat me, I scored 131 at emode.
  11. a good poll doesn't use check boxes. it uses radio buttons
  12. picky picky
  13. i was going to put something in about that.... but then i realised it is dependant on the nature of the poll.
  14. never the less, this is a good poll. good job digit.

    the first two options btw are probally the most important.
  15. uhu, huh, mmh, you said "poll"

    Yeah yeah, uhuh, a good poll has options and a title, and stuff, and it has big thingys and loud guitars and drums and TV and drestruction AND FIRE FIRE FIRE!!!

    I AM CORNHOLIO,,, *wandes away babbling about burritos*
  16. "Enough diversity"
  17. I also got 133 on the test, and found out that I am apparently a "Visual Mathematician" :p whatever...

    Hey isn't this thread supposed to be about polls???
  18. uhh... yeah.

    and it is.

  19. I got a 131 and was told I was a Visionary Philospher.

    Now, this emode thing proves one thing. Either:

    A). That emode is rigged to give false readings that are high just to sell these $15 reports, because here are 3 people at the 'City with scores in the 130's which should be less than 5% of the population.


    B) That genius potheads prefer to post at Grasscity.

    Now here is a poll for Digit. Either A or B??

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