A Godly Rant

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  1. Why is God allowed to do whatever he wants? Because we are ants? Does it truly matter to us if we are ants or not? Of course it does not. We are people with thoughts, feelings, hopes, and dreams... And some God who does not even care enough to show himself gets to determine our fate based upon something as silly as our belief in a being with no evidence to support it? We are damned to hell from birth, we exist in a world that allows perdition to follow us all, devouring all that we do, making it dust and worthless, all because some God wants to have his way with us? That is my number one complaint about the whole concept, the idea, an odd, illogical, justification that some all-powerful being is allowed to nullify all of our accomplishments and lay them to waste, because, we are simply a piece of his puzzle that will shortly disappear, because we are unworthy sinners. If anyone is the sinner, it is God, because he not only allowed all of this to happen, he enabled original sin and bred it into us. What God is that? A worthless-scared-mindless-little-human being. That is the god that is worshipped. We assign words like omnipotent and all-mighty to this, god, but it does not change the fact that it is a human being, with the same failings we all have. Yet, of course, this thing is our God, because it is PERFECT. Why is it perfect? Because, even though what we base our reasons on would disagree, a book told us so. Hooray, let us all worship the human with a god complex, the being, that if it existed, damned us to endless hell.

    Yes, I may indeed sound belligerent, but that is only because I am passionate. I wasted many years of my life believing in a fairy tale, and I hope that no one else ever has too. There could be a creator, but he is not anything you have come to know. He is not the God of Abraham, he is not Jesus, he is not Odin, nor is he Osiris... We simply do not know if a creator exists, he has not revealed himself to us. He has given us no evidence. The purpose of creation, no matter how much the Bible would like you to believe, is not about us choosing to believe in an invisible man or not. We only have one life, and we should not waste it in our hopeless and unproven fantasies, instead, we should seek to better the world for ourselves, and everyone else who lives in it.

    I have gone off on a tangent, I know. Sorry about that. But, at times, it is difficult to keep my feelings on the matter constrained. I find it shocking that some want to be slaves. Because that is what the common interpretation of God allows for us. I am not a slave. Should a God exist, I doubt he would want me to be a slave. Stop following many-thousands-of-years-old myth, do not allow superstition, thought up by our unwitting ancestors, to blind you to the reality we all find ourselves in, do not accept the nonsense that cannot be proven, that cannot be shown to be possible at all. Chris Angel is an illusionists, his stunts are not real. We live in reality, not a fantasy world. This is the truth, and this is a truth we all must realize and accept if our species is to have any hope at survival.

    Nietzsche said it best, "God is dead". We are no longer infants, no longer do we cower at thunder, believing it to be the displeasure of a God. No longer do we startle at the sight of lightning, believing some spirit was angry with us, no longer do we sacrifice our own in an attempt to keep the sun rising... We have moved beyond superstition, back to a place of logic and reason. Let us not waste our efforts, let us not continue to exist in a world filled with dragons and zombies. We should enter reality, our heads held high, our childhood over. There is no time for this self pity, self hate, and self degradation... We are what we are, imperfect and flawed, curious and observant. We can understand the Universe. We can shape our own destiny. We are no longer slaves, to anyone, or anything. We are the God.
  2. Another excellent post LT.

  3. For myself, I find comfort in spirituality, I have read all the religious books, Buddhism, Taoism, even to Native American spirit books. I do believe in God, but honestly I think too many people take religion too seriously. I was told all the Bible stories as a child, but my mother read them to me as just that, stories. I didn't really grow up thinking that there was an ark, I thought to myself, well then I better listen so I don't end up like the unicorns because they missed behaved and well drowned.

    Even if there isn't concrete proof, that's why people have faith.

    And I really don't care even if one day someone disproves the whole idea of God, I have always believed in a higher power, I have always believed that my suffering on this Earth will end one day, and I will be rewarded for all that I have done. And I will still believe that, until the day I die.

    Faith is a powerful thing for the ones that possess it. :)

    Edit: While I understand we disagree, that was a really good post, after taking my world religions class I've gotten better at appreciating others opinion, especially since the kid who sat next to me had hated God since he was like 8 lol
  4. I am glad you have found comfort in your beliefs, though, I would say that faith is a blind fold... A bird of prey does not get excited when it is hooded. :)
  5. Faith is only a blindfold if you allow it to be. In this day and age I find that faith has really helped me a lot with my problems, and who cares if I'm wrong when I die, and I find out there is no God, and we're not going anywhere but straight in the dirt, it won't matter I will have lived my life the way I wanted to. However, if I'm right ;) ya'll got some explaining to do lol

    I think that faith should be a choice, and not forced upon, I chose to believe in God, I go to church by myself when I want to and I read scriptures at home by myself, because I want to. I'm not being blind folded.
  6. That is good. :)

    I will say that, when (if! :p) I die and find out that the God of Abraham is indeed real, I will have no regrets. I will not feel obligated to worship something that would damn someone to hell because they wanted evidence. So, if I end up there, while it will be tragic, I will not regret my choices, and I will blame God, because he gave me the mind I have. He gave me reason, and denied me its use. No, I will not regret, even if I burn forever... How fair is that? ;)
  7. Well if i was God, which im not, nor will ever be. If someone didn't believe in me, then they don't want to be with me, so why would i let them be with me. They had the chance to believe they didn't. I see, in no way why a non-believer should be allowed to be with God. Why would God proof himself to people who do not believe in God ?

  8. Why wouldnt god prove himself to those who DO believe?
  9. C'mon now, that spanish lady saw the Virgin Mary in a waffle or something.. how much more proof do you need? :D
  10. Sometimes I have problems with my religion, I'm Catholic, and mostly with what it says about the afterlife. Things I have done in my life, aren't exactly... holy? LOL But when my cousin overdosed and died, I thought a lot about him, and how when he got in a car accident a year before, and he died then too, briefly, but he did. He said that our other cousin's dead mother told him it wasn't his time to go, and that she would be with him later. I want him to be in Heaven so when I die I can see him again, but the lifestyle he lived by isn't one to merit an invitation.

    So honestly who knows where we go when we die, I like to think that all good people go to heaven, whether or not they confess their sins, because I don't. My problems are between me and God, if he can't hear me from my bedroom, he can't hear me in a box either, and that's the way I look at it.

    So if I end up in Hell for being a non-repenter and for the various acts of the things I've done, I'll bring the chips, if you bring the soda. We'll have a big "oops, we fucked up" party with Satan, I hope he's as cool as on south park lol
  11. Because we already believe. There is no use in it.
  12. I agree, although I must say, it would be amazing, and I don't believe I deserve such a grace in my life as the presence of God, Mary, or any of them. I believe the truly devote are only worthy because they live their life solely for God. Because I have not done this, I am not surprised He has not shown himself to me.
  13. What a ridiculously egotistical idea and spiteful. But on the other hand, demanding people get on their knees every week and worship is also a ridiculously egotistical idea.
  14. I went to catholic school for eight years. And shit did they do it wrong. They made me hate all forms of organized worship. Doing psychoactives and burnin' made me realize god may exist, but it exists in the spirit of every human being. A summation of all good, and progressive human ideas. So if people stand alone, something to worship is hard to perceive. However if we get rid of all the stupid fucking small differences in religion, we would realize we should be worshiping eachother.

  15. (roach shakes his head in disgust)
    Yeah, i guess your "jesus" never taught forgiveness.

    Jesus: hey dad, non believer's want to come up here with you. Should we forgive them?
    GOD: ah..Fuck 'em.
  16. some people take comfort in there faith. i take comfort in my anti-faith. i 100% agree with what you said:hello:
  17. John 14:6 -- Jesus answered, "I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me."
  18. About 85% of my friends who went to catholic school, either hate God, or don't believe now. The nuns were scary at my church.. well just the no neck one. This is why I don't think people should be forced into a religion, because it makes them reject it almost in spite.

    Everyone should find God or spirituality when they want to and how they want to. I think it doesn't matter if you believe in Allah or Jesus, Mohammed or Abraham, as long as you personally enjoy your spiritual relationship with who or whatever, that's what should matter. All the religious books say basically the same thing, good will towards men, forgiveness, love. If people just took these ideas from what they read and saw the combined messages in all the religions, that would be an amazing day.
  19. I may believe in a universal God,but not an eartly God like Jesus,thats like saying you can't get too heaven unless you go thro me,sounds kind of fishy.

    What happened to free will jesus,what if we don't believe or choose you,we automatically get banned to whaerever....Fuck that....Any group that preaces selective savings is full of shit,it's only used to spread fear,which means power.

    I believe in God 100%,I even believe that we create our own souls for our own worlds,either that or recarnation.

    My keyboard went awol on me so I can' rant anymore,but I'll be back...:devious:
  20. "Teacher, we want to see a miraculous sign from you."

    Jesus answered, "A wicked and adulterous generation asks for a miraculous sign! But none will be given it except the sign of the prophet of Jonah." Mathew12:39

    think about it...

    this is for all of you who always wonder, "if there really is a God, why doesnt he just reveal himself?"

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