A girl deletes boyfriends WoW chars, he goes APESHIT! LOL

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  1. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5F2bsTeM1ZM]‪Total freak out after chick deleted WoW characters‬‏ - YouTube[/ame]

    LOL priceless...

    im guessing shes already been buried in the forest somewhere...lol

    fuck wow
  2. these wow vids always depress me tbh.

    it's funny but really sad too lol

    just like wowdetox.com

    go there that game has seriously destroyed lives

    should be illegal before mj is that's fosho lol.

    (no im not saying outlawing WoW is a good idea :p)
  3. Before even watching this video, I have years of WoW expierence.
    And... you can simply get all your characters back if you explain it to a Game Master...
    :) Yeah WoW is more addictive than MJ will ever be tbh.

    btw BAHAHAH at her deleting all his gear.
  4. He coulda just talked to a GM or called Blizz...instead he destroys his computer.

    I'd probably do the same, honestly.
  5. You gotta type a password to do that.

    If he was dumb enough to give out the password he doesn't deserve to keep the character.

    He should have just talked to a game manager, gotten his shit back, and kicked that bitch to the curb.
  6. This is exactly why she did that. The fact somebody would dump her for doing that. It's like a intervention. What if all your girlfriend did was sit at a computer playing a game you thought was extremely retarded for hours and hours. People are WAY to goddamn obsessive over that game. I tried it, got to level 10 and was like, ok this is boring time to stop. I really dont know how people don't get bored with it after so long
  7. OH MY GOD!!!! I was not expecting that until it happened! It looked like he was just going to cry or something. That poor monitor! I want to see where he finds out she did it! lol
  8. he like straight raped his computer.
  9. priceless are some of the comments in that youtube video lol
    so many nerds butt hurt over this LOL
  10. A whopping 8 MILLION!!!! I feel like there might be a hundred million more math nerds than that. I don't know, though.
  11. What a fucking bitch. If I came home one day and found out somebody deleted my xbox game saves just because they thought I played it too much or something, I would be pissed. You don't just fuck with somebody's stuff
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    Throw out all her make up sets or something precious to her.
  13. Delete that bitches face with the back of ma hand
  14. Part of me still feels this is fake, especially considering, like someone above said, you can get your characters retrieved for you.

    "Fuck, my character is gone. FUCK, now my monitor's gone too!"
  15. Well he could just explain what happened to the Monitor Master and get a new one
  16. Someone's a bit jealous that they're not getting all the attention:rolleyes:
  17. Typical Alliance Player!
  18. People like this give WoW players a bad name. So do the people running around saying, "I cast my demons skin super death armor to prevent thee from penetrating my armor!" Most of us don't run around wishing to be wizards. We play that shit because it's one of the best games out there. If you don't think so then you've never played serious max level player versus player.

    I don't know a single person in real life that plays WoW and acts like the stereotype. :confused_2:
  19. kinda seems fake.

  20. i couldn't make it past level 1 :p

    Seemed like a huge grindfest right from the start... dont see what the big deal is honestly but ya... it's hugely popular and addictive to a lot of people.

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