A "Ghost Hit" From hell

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Psychotic, Jun 9, 2009.

  1. Yesterday (I had a stomache ache before smoking), I was alone walking aorund in the woods with a bag of really sucky weed. I'm talking mexican brick weed weed. I had a pack of camels too. I hollowed out a cig and filled it up. I was alone so i decided to just mess around. I inhaled a few times it felt good, then i got done to bussiness. I took the longest and biggest drag i could and inhaled in. I held it for god knows how long. I exhaled and barely any smoke came out. Now i dont belive in ghost hits, but this made it belive able. I run out of weed and i was buzzed so I light up a few cigs and I kept hitting them hard and holding them in for ever.

    Fast foward 5 minutes.

    I'm at home puking the shit outta myself, just puking straight up water and I swore I saw smoke come out of my mouth. a good wisp of it too. Is it possible to hold smoke in your lungs or stomache for 5 - 10 minutes and then cough/puke it back up?
    Btw the weed or cigs didnt make me puke i already felt bad before doing this.
  2. the longer you hold smoke in,the more smoke soaks in your lungs.

    therefore you see less smoke when you exhale! ever wonder why un-inhaled smoke is much thicker than inhaled smoke?
  3. One of my friends said that when he smoked with his other friend, after blazing, he burped and smoke came out. he was like wtf? Did i just burp smoke? So, i guess so.
  4. Very possible, you must have swallowed smoke. Usually it's burped up later, but I guess you puked it out before you could burp it out.

    I try not to swallow and smoke. Nasty.
  5. It's completely regular for me and everyone else. I tend to smoke, then go inside to find myself with 1 burp of smoke.
  6. I burped smoke once. It was insane. The hit i took made me cough so hard I almost puked so i had to like swallow it back and i must've swallowed smoke.

    15 minutes later I was talking to my sister and I burped... it was complete smoke. She acted like it didn't even happen, but when she walked away my bitch sister walked over to me and was like, "Suzie, have you been smoking weed again because i can really smell it." Hahaha. :D
  7. Lol thanks guys. It was pretty cool.

    It just kinda scares you when you got smoke coming off of your puke. Lol Double take and then puke some more..
  8. you just swalloed smoke dude, some peoples impulse is to retch after a while,
    Like mine haha.
  9. I've never had that delay effect where I burp and smoke comes out or anything. I have however gone down to hit my bong, came up and didn't blow smoke out. It's like WTF. I know I hit it, I milked the shit out of it. WTF is going on! :bongin:
  10. I always burp out smoke with bongs.
  11. Yeah, I burp out smoke all the time, it's normal.
  12. Oh and were you taking huge hits off a ciggarette and ghosting them? If so that's hella nasty.
  13. I never swallow.
  14. Yeah, it was probably the cigarettes. I've ghost hit a cigarette once and felt like shit.

    Or you could've smoked a bit of the filter.

    I've smoked a bit of a filter accidentally once. Big headache.
  15. Haha that one had me laughing hard as shit.
  16. ghost hits are so pointless, it takes under 5 seconds for your lungs to take in all the thc, so if you just let it sit there it builds up tar and stuff.
  17. I understand this, but sometimes you have the feeling like you need to look a little badass so when you milk the bong and you hold it in for like two minutes and breathe out no smoke, and yet you inhaled alot of smoke. Yes indeed look pretty bad ass sometimes.
  18. Actually I think it would look better with a shit load of smoke coming out.
  19. The only time I ever burp up smoke is when I'm hotboxing my car and I cough a lot. I guess when I cough I swallow it, and then after about five minutes I'll burp it all up. Looks cool as hell, btw.
  20. some times a shoot smoke rings out my asshole

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