A GEAR bong.

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  1. Okay,so they have this bong at a nirvana near me...(note, I am not near ANY headshops..)


    They have it for 85$,so, seems good...I'm just not sure how well the thing willrip,or how well the quality of GEAR is.

  2. you are posting on a headshop, that has better glass than that.
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    Usually minors don't have credit cards...

  4. Yeahh, but I've heard terrible things about GC's shipping,and it's a lot nicer to hold the glass and get a feel for it before buying it. Plus, I don't have a terribly high amount of cash to go spending on a bong :p

    This is true, but this college student has a debit card. :wave:

  5. well just fYI: gear is total shiite.

  6. Ahh, I thought it was a decent brand.

  7. nah. I mean they're a step above china glass, but not that much better.
  8. U have a 7 mm glass gear bong that definitly isn't shit

  9. total shit. complete and utter garbage. i don't care if it's 7mm or 20mm, gear is a really crappy brand.

    sorry. :eek:

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