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Discussion in 'General' started by Shalom Salaam, Feb 20, 2009.

  1. What's good everyone? I woke up early and took care of all my business for the day so I can relax and chill from here on out. Thinking I'm gonna smoke a bowl and go read and listening to music in the park. Most likely chill with some folks and hit up my friends party later. Finally a relaxing day! :hello::smoke:

    What's everyone's plans?
  2. Smoke myself stupid and probably shovel more snow.
  3. Chillin at my flat right now, drinking beers and passing around joints with my flatmates. Gunna hit the bars in a few hours. Straight chillin hombre

    by the way... not trying to hijack this thread in any way shape or form, but I am having a computer issue right now, can anybody help me? Maybe just shoot me a PM if you can. I tried searching for a 'computer problems' thread but found nothing. thanks blades!
  4. Just got out of class. Got a lot of drugs on hand. Going to smoke a bowl chill and eat. Then drink and smoke more tonight. Prolly drinking beer and vodka.
  5. About to go party around 4.

    Goin' to the city until Sunday.

    Will be completely awesome.
  6. Just woke up, did some stupid shit last night, turned out a homeboy wasn't a homeboy. Somehow injured my thumb, and now I need to eat.. I'm starving.
  7. blazed the whole day, doing some shoveling, vacuuming and hopefully some homework
  8. Hell yes. I have Friday and Saturday off every week. No work, no school. I love it. Woke up around 10, had a nice wake and bake and breakfast with my new roommate, she happens to be VERY attractive. Don't know why I let her move in here, probably because she is cute as hell and smokes a lot of cheeba... like me :D

    Just kickin it all day smoking. Going to my friends later, everyone is throwing in an eighth or so and we are going to get completely toasted and ride ATV's on his trails. He has like 200 acres of woods with trails behind his house. Its CRAZY fun to get blazed back there and just ride around.
  9. the usual, chill, smoke chill lol

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