A few ?'s. Does glass eat lumens??

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by StickyINDoja, Sep 5, 2007.

  1. I heard it does, I bought a cooling kit and now I can put my plants 12'' from the reflector, but am I losing lumens through the glass sheild?

    ALSO, I am not making clones yet, but what will increase my time/yeild without clones?

    Should I pack as many females as I get in my hydrohut mini, or should I LST the biggest 2-3?

    Does glass eat lumens?? How many?

    Oh yeah, I use organic too, so is a 2 gallon pot big enough for my final plant, or should I go all 3 gallon?

    Help me out, I need suggestions.
  2. The more transparant your glass, the less lumens it will eat. All the colour+reflection eats up lumens.

    Light absorbs/reflects, and that is loss.
  3. Even seemingly clear glass can block some of the lightwave radiation, for example glass treated to block UV can be clear.

    No way to say how many lumens, depends on the glass. The issue isn't if you are losing light, the real question is if you are gaining enough by being able to put the light closer to the plants to more than offset what is lost to the glass. Depends on the kind of glass and how much closer you can keep the light.

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