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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by agestone, Dec 12, 2003.

  1. hi there
    first i would really like to thank all u experient growers for the neverending information posted to newbies.

    i been a regular smoker for awhile and i would like to become the producer of my own weed. i've been reading everything i can find about growing technics but i still have a couple of doubts:

    1. how much weed can i expect to get per plant (estimated) using indoor procedures?

    2. i have a 300watts spot narrow (?) lamp but i don´t know if it's HID. can i use it?

    3. i've read that one can use the males for the production of hash. is it true or are the males totally useless?

    4. should i try the see of green technics or the traditional ones?

    thanks a lot and nice smokes
  2. Surf to the general indoor forum and have a look at Grandpa's grow guide. There'se a lot of usefull info to find about all aspects of indoor (sea of green) growing. A spot-narrow lamp doesn't ring a bell. If you can afford I would recommend a hps.
    Yield figures fluctuate a lot with strain, grow technique en setup.
    Peronally I think it's not worth to keep the males. THC content is very low.
  3. check the end of the bulb, and see if it says anything... if it says HPS or HM and then a wattage, your good to go... but MV lights are no good (mercury vapor)... and an HPS or MH bulb needs its own ballast and capacitor (hps needs an ignitor aswell)... ;)
  4. 1) cant say cuz its soo ranged. everything you do through the whole grow will determine that, like conditions (environment), stress, and ofcoarse the strain.

    2) idk what a spot narrow bulb is but i would defintly go with HID light. Its all about the amount of Lumens the light gives off and the light spectrum.

    3) Yes. males still produce thc soooo ya.. just make sure to cover the males with a bag when the pollen balls are produced so the females dont get pollenated. unless you want seeds but that just means more energy is committed to producing seeds rather than buds.

    4) for grow techniques, unless you have a good amount of space and some cloning experience then i would just go with LST (low stress training) and SCrOG.

    I would highly recommend getting a book.

    Take it easy bro.
  5. 2) make hash just how you would with female trimmings.

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