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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by amberlace, Sep 29, 2003.

  1. i am researching through this site and overgrow and i want to grow my own. i measured my closet that i want to use and it is 23 1/2" in lenght, 51 1/4" wide, and 64" tall. what size light should i use. i am assuming from what i have read that a hps would be better than a mh since i only buying one light. can anyone help?
  2. what kind budget are you on? i have heard of places that sell 400 watts of HPS for about 90$. But also, 400watts of HPS gets fairly warm, so you MUST have good ventilation/cooling!

    Just lemme know what kinda budget your on...and we can go from there!!

  3. i am wanting to spend maybe 120 on a light. i only want to grow two - four plants at a time. which size hps should i use?
  4. cus ur room is a funny shape it wud be best lit by 2 250w lights spaced out or even 2 400w's and that wud b as much light as u cud want but if ur only gonna buy 1 lite then i'd go for a 400w HPS.

    after saying that tho a 250 wud light the one end and grow 2 plants and u cud allways add a 2nd light later if u wished. and if u do get the growing bug then u will want more light sooner or later.
  5. yeah, i think i am going to stick with the 250 hps. i am thinking about buying a conversions bulb and use the metal halide bulb for vegging. that way, when i buy a bigger hps, i could use the 250 strictly for veg/mother plant. i am looking at a 250 hps from inside sun. should i get the chrome or white reflector? www.insidesun.com

    also, after reading some of my brothers pot mags, i want to use a organic fertilizer like the age old organincs. are these good to use? www.altgarden.com (in the organics section) they have a bottle for veg, bloom, and a foliar that want to get for my plants.

    i am thinking of using worm castings, perlite, and peatmoss as my mix? is this any good. sorry to ask so many questions but i want to make sure i am getting this right.
  6. really stoned...hope that made sense or helped...
  7. stoneddddd....hope that made sense or helped you out
  8. 400 watts will make you :)
  9. With that size of growspace, and only one light- you have to aim for a 400w HPS. Make sure to have a thermometer in there and try to keep the temp. below about 85-90 degrees.

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