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  1. Alright im about to get a new pot for my plant...how big should i get the pot for one plant....and what kind of soil should i get for it.....and for a ph tester what would be a good one a elctronic one or what?
  2. Pot - Depends on the size of plant you're growing... if you want to play it safe, the bigger the better... 5Gallons or so
    Soil - Pro-Mix, or basic potting soil... make sure it doesnt have nutrients in it, it will eventually kill the plants

    PH tester - i have no idea.. i dont use one... pro-mix soil automatically balances the PH i believe
  3. ....nutrients.... will kill it....so wtf do i feed my plant right now im using MG....and u are saying it will kill it...so just use normal water?......please xplain
  4. i have found out with many grows that soil with nutes already in it doesnt hurt ur plant as long as u dont add any extrea nutes to it for at least 6 weeks from sprout.
  5. so your saying mix good soil with nutes....where do i buy the nutes.....and what brand...and how much?
  6. after 5 wks or so u can add nutes to it...u should be able to buy them at any convenence store...any brand but MG (miracle grow) i have heard works great

    u will need two kinds of nutes tho...for veg. u need one with the NPK ( nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium) of 20-20-20.
    for the flowering cycle 10-30-10
  7. water itself also works
  8. but nutes help
  9. can i mix them???

    soil and nutes
  10. yes, just be careful not to go overboard(put to much nutes in it)....it6 can kill a plant very quickly and once u notice it there really isnt much u can do.
  11. OK, let's bring some clarity to this situation.

    Your plant will need nutrients, just don't feed it when it is a tender young sprout. Ferts can burn a young MJ plant's roots and kill it. When the plant is about two weeks old you can begin feeding at 1/4 strength or less then slowly build up as the plant grows.

    Soil - there are some great soils out there that mix in beneficial organic compounds but can be costly. You will do fine with a plain organic potting soil, just make sure it does not say anything about feeding the plants, time-released, added chemical -- that means pre-fertilized soil, which you don't want for the reason above. A good, simple homemade mix:

    40% organic potting soil
    30% sphagnum moss
    20% worm castings
    10% perlite

    You can use run-of-the-mill chemical fertilizers for just a few bucks, brands like Peter's and Schultz. Miracle Grow ferts are not necessarily bad, it is their pre-ferted soil that gives that brand a bad name among MJ growers. You do need one fert for vegging and one for flowering, but it doesn't have to have those specific NPK numbers referenced before. Basically you want the first number (nitrogen) to be equal or higher than the others for vegging, and you want lower N and higher P (phosphorous) for flowering.
  12. damn...thats a lil confussing when u read this high as fuck...umm can i buy soil with 40 30 20 10 what ever i need or do i need to mix it my self.....

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