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  1. Hi friends. It's my first post. Nice to meet you all. Sorry for my terrible english.

    I grow my plant on my balcony.
    1. But i dont know what kind of plant? It's propably sativa but what is sub type (I mean bluedream, süper lemon haze etc.)
    2. When should i harvest.

    Thank for your answers.

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  2. I think you're going to be pleasantly surprised in a couple of weeks;
    nice looking plant.
    The white pistils will turn, probably, orange.
    When all those colored pistils 'curl in on themselves', you are close.
    After that, an examination of the tricomes would be a final indication.
    (English is not your first language?)
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  3. [​IMG]
    Hmmm...2-3 weeks is good, get your own 30x glass and see for yourself
    something for the Whitelfly is good
    maybe some Neem Oil its systemic and organic
    1/2 teaspoon to a liter of warm water
    shake and spray
    at this time of year we can assume you are putting her away at night...?

    (English is not my first language)
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  4. Unfortunately we can't tell strains in almost all circumstances. Are you south of the equator?
  5. I would harvest in another 4-6 weeks minimum
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  6. İ live in Turkey Antalya. Close to seaside. 6 kilometers
  7. So you're putting her away at night?
  8. Excuse me. Why should i put her away. İ didnt understand correctly. Please choose simple sentences. :) i am not good at in english
  9. I suppose it varies by strain but pot plants flower according to hours of daylight. Right now in Turkey you're getting right at 15 hours of daylight and it's increasing. I haven't grown very many plants outside and don't claim to be an expert but I was thinking you may run into problems because of the number of hours of daylight your plants are getting. But seeing is believing and you're plant is definitely in flower and since it's growing outside I try to understand how that's happening.

    That's why I asked you if you were south of the equator and if you bring them in at night. That would solve the question in my head. Since what I'm seeing (a flowering plant outside getting 15 hours of light) doesn't agree with what I know (cannabis doesn't flower with too much daylight) I must reexamine what I know.

    It's my problem, not yours. I was just trying to understand what I'm seeing. Your plant looks good, that's what counts. I think if it was any later in the season you may have run into problems, hopefully your plant will finish flowering and you'll be rewarded with some nice bud.
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