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  1. Just got a few questions, any input would help me. So first I was curious if everyone leaves there fan on all night for air flow or if it's normal to shut the fan off too when lights go out. Second I was wondering if anyone could help me with a proper tent size to grow 2 plants at a time. Third I was gonna see if someone could help me with a carbon filter, maybe send me a link or something. Thanks in advance :)
  2. 1. I always leave the exhaust fan on when the lights are off to prevent gases the plant might give off from accumulating.

    2. A 2 ft x 4 ft tent is big enough for 2 plants, but try not to scrimp on tallness, because those plants can surprise you on how tall they can get. Even a 1 ft x 2 ft or 2 ft x 3 ft might be enough. I knowingly grow too many plants to be able to try many different strains, and they survive (barely) with 1.5 sq ft each, and scrogging. Pot/tank size is also a major issue.

    3. Here's a link to the filter I bought a few weeks ago. I did some, but not extensive research on it. I didn't look at smaller ones, which might suit you better.
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  3. I turn my wall fans off for a few hours during the lights off phase just to add life to the fans.

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  4. Thank you for all the info my dude. Do I need anything else with a carbon filter or is it just an easy setup?
  5. You need ducking and clamps. the ducking is cheap for 25 feet. You only need a 4 inch for the tent sizes mentioned above.

    Btw: I would get speed control if not it will run at full power unless you get a controller switch separate. I don't run my cf for the first weeks, cause there's no smell but it's up to you.
    Good Luck

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  6. Yea I watched some YouTube videos last night. There is definitely more to it then I thought but that's good to know I'd only need a 4 inch. There also more expensive then I thought. You don't need ducking to go all the way outside do you? Just outside the tent right? Im only gonna use one for flowering since the room is pretty air tight and I don't think the smell is to bad right now. And do I need fans too? (Intake, outtake fans?)
  7. Best is to exhaust far away from a passive intake, either through a window to the outside, or into a different room. It does no good for exhaust to sucked right back into the tent. There exist duct fittings that can go from a round hose to a rectangular duct vented thru a window. There are even air conditioner fittings for windows that can be used. You need one fan (other than circulation fans), an exhaust fan. Air is an incompressible fluid (for our purposes), so what goes out of the tent must also have been sucked into it. An intake fan can do harm by creating a positive pressure that can blow smell out of the tent.
  8. Run fans blowing onto the plants 24/7 they should never shut off . if the power goes off the generator should be hooked to the fans before any thing else .
  9. My windows all blocked off, would it be ok to run the duct into a vent from the tent There's two vents going into the room. Ones closed and the other just kinda chillin can't close it.
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    It's difficult to tell what to do without seeing the setup, but if you follow one general principle you'll be ok: make sure the intake does not intake used, stale air. By that I mean there must be lots of co2 in the intake air. The plants use some of that co2, and then the tent exhausts partially co2 depleted air. If the exhaust mixes with the intake, then the tent will intake partially co2 depleted air, and the plants won't grow as fast.

    Another issue is that it's scary to exhaust into any furnace/ac ducting, because the pressure could conceivably force CO into your dwelling and kill you. It's ok if you know exactly what you're doing, but most of us don't. If intaking human breathed air, the co2 levels will actually be higher than normal, which is good.
  11. Decisions decisions... I'll have to take some pictures and show you the room. I'll probably end up uncovering the window and exhausting it out now to be honest.

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