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A Few Questions About Which Kinds of Weed are best for Medicinal PTSD

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by IntotheWoods, Jun 29, 2017.

  1. Hi fellow tokers! I've used marijuana recreationally on-and-off since college, but recently after a violent sexual assault, I developed very severe PTSD that has completely stopped me from being able to socialize normally and even sleep in my own room (where the assault occurred). I was recently given a recommendation for MMJ in Illinois (if anyone has ?s about the process there, I'm happy to answer) and application has been submitted.

    Do any of you use marijuana for this purpose? What have you found most effective in terms of strains and edibles vs smoking vs vaping, etc?
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  2. I have my MMJ card in Connecticut for PTSD. I tend to prefer indica or hybrid strains because sometimes the sativa strains give me anxiety. As for the methods of intake, edibles don't really seem to work that well on me I'm not sure why but if you're health conscious and worry about your lungs vaping it is the way to go as you aren't inhaling burning plant matter.

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  3. Indica dominant strains will relax you. This is typically the problem with my ptsd experience...finding it very difficult to relax. Very difficult and always thinking about it. I recommend dank bubba kush
    Sativa dominant strains may put you in a better mood and are conducive to thinking things through...I recommend dank sour diesel

    Those are the 2 extremes of the mj spectrum. Hybrids of indica/sativa will affect you as above accordingly
    E.g 25% sativa 75%indica

    Relaxing might be you best bet i'd say.

    Based on what you said I suggest you say a prayer before blazing up...
    Just my 2 cents on the topic. I'm sorry you had to go through that. I sincerely hope you feel better very quickly...

    And I hope lucifer has his way with your traumatizer...

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  4. Tazerangue, sounds like for anything that isn't at nighttime, I should look for something hybrid. I definitely have anxiety already, so I don't want to smoke anything that would exacerbate it.

    Trickroller, thanks so much for the warm thoughts and the advice! Indica seems like the way to go most of the time for me, since a lot of my issues right now revolve around being able to be in my apartment without having any panic attacks or flashbacks, and being able to sleep through the night completely w/o waking up or nightmare type stuff.
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  5. Depending on the triggers for your PTSD event, smell, location, names, or even pricing could affect your level of relaxation and enjoyment.

    I have never endured sexual assault before but having been in my first car accident when I was unexpectedly rear ended, triggers for me include song choice, car make and model, and uncomfortable silence.

    TBH my car accident was on 8/8/14 and I haven't driven my car since around February of 2015 when I finally gave up and convinced myself the DMV was out to get me after 4 failed appointments of getting my salvaged title renewed in my name.

    About 26 months later and strain choice has no effect on PTSD triggers, however, I get daily flashbacks of the incident and certain environmental factors cause inexplicable rage; predominantly arbitration on war scenarios and IED placement with a particular videogame that is a HUGE trigger to me.

    I have found that strains in the deep blue spectrum or about 420-440Hz Hz light like Blue Dream, Mr. Nice, and midnight kush tend to exacerbate nostalgia and remembering the incident as I dwell on the past and focus on looping the time of the car accident.

    Strains in the deep red such as SFV OG and God's Gift are a miracle for this very reason. Hope this can do the same for your trauma coping, even if the situations are vastly different in the causation of PTSD.
  6. High CBD weed with a thc/cbd ratio of one to one. Any of the shark strains... ice river genetics, MEDIC, harlequin, most purple strains

    Oh what a day. What a lovely day!
  7. Skywalker and OG Kush have really helped me in the past with PTSD episodes, even the smaller stuff (daily anxieties, flashbacks). I'm also on the lookout for helpful strains, so I'm grateful for this thread.
  8. Have you considered moving into a new place?
    I don't know if I could stay in the place where a violent act occurred.

    But I agree that an indica dominate strain would b best for PTSD
  9. Thanks everyone, I really appreciate all the specific advice. I can't say I know a TON about things like this, since back when I used to smoke regularly, it was more recreational than anything else.

    "Have you considered moving into a new place?
    I don't know if I could stay in the place where a violent act occurred."

    Yeah, it's something I'm currently working on getting the money for. Unfortunately, I'm tied down to a really restrictive lease for a few more months, and my landlord refused to let me out of it without giving up my $1500 security deposit, so...not much I can do there. I've pretty much stopped using the room where it happened, but until my lease expires...pretty stuck with the living situation.

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