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    If you write more than one line when giving someone rep, does it all show up? Nobody's ever written more than a quick phrase to me, so I can't personally verify it. Answered by laydum.

    Is there any way to see all reputation you've received?

    Is there any way to see reputation you've given out?

    All answered, thanks!
  2. Yes it does. I received a message saying (which was more than one line):

    "i love coming for graccity for education, I love, a lot of time I learn something worthwile and intersting, which is more then I can say for all the schools I went. hmm Grasscity School"

    As far as I know you can't view all of the rep you sent and I'm not sure if you can view all of the rep you received either. Since I don't have much rep it shows all of mine in my User CP but idk about yours :/
  3. Thanks for the answer!

    Nope, it only shows the last 10 or so reps received. I looked all over for 'view all reputation' to no avail :(
  4. The answer to your last two queries is no regular users cannot view all rep that they have received or given. Only our admin can do that
  5. Yes it does haha i recieved a long high rambaling of why there repping me then a story weird :p

    No way to see all reputation though or all the Rep you have given out either.
  6. Sorry to bring up an oldish thread, but...is there any chance of being able to see who we have given rep to? Dunno what version of vBulletin GC runs, but there are several mods for this feature.

    I understand that gnik and the admin team have to be careful about what they install, because more mods = harder-to-troubleshoot problems with the forum, etc...I've maintained a phpBB board before, and frankly, board mods/add-ons suck :p. Anyway, no worries if it can't/won't be done...it would just be nice to see who/what I've left +rep for.

    In case it's a possibility, looks like there's a mod for each version of vB 3.5-3.8, and another for 4.x. I think this is vB3, so here are links to the ones for 3.x:
    Display Reputation Comments You Have Given - vBulletin.org Forum
    Display Reputation Comments Given - vBulletin.org Forum
    Display Reputation Comments Given - vBulletin.org Forum
    Display Reputation Comments Given - vBulletin.org Forum

  7. How can anything you say be trusted?

    Your signature says everything you say is a joke! :p
  8. Honestly , if we know members won't riot , we'll disable reputation system immediately. Honestly we think reputation system is something that is not used correctly in many different ways and we don't prefer user listing via received reputations. But as members are currently using it , we are keeping reputation in place. But we don't have any intension of improving it any further.
  9. I guess the real answer to this question is - if you like reputation to stay then don't complain about it or ask for improvements. Otherwise we're just going to delete it all together.

    I understand, it's such a pain in the ass for so little actual impact to the boards. Can't say I support the removal (I like rep personally) but as a mod I will adhere to the higher-ups wishes.

    Don't ask, don't tell when it comes to rep.

  10. Maybe I should revise it to say "...shouldn't necessarily be regarded as factual," or something like that...:p

    Understood. Thanks for your replies, gnik and Will :)

    I personally like rep too, and I certainly wasn't trying to complain. I agree that it's abused by a lot of members, but thank you for keeping it active (for the time being). I know it helps make me think more carefully about what I post -- I don't dwell on my rep by any means, but I also refrain from posting useless/pointless crap. Not that I would post pointless crap even if there was no rep. Sorry, I sorta lost my train of thought. :eek:

    Anyway, thanks again for the info!
  11. Frankly, I love the reputation system just because it's another way to help me recognize people. :p

    I get names mixed up so much here... sigs, avatars, and rep bars is pretty much the only way I recognize some of you. :laughing:

    Anyhow, looks like Gnik and Will already answered all the questions in here, so I'll close this. :cool:
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