A few questions about my plant.

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  1. Well I'm very ignorant about growing in general all kinds of plants. I tried planting my first plant, a sunflower seed and with out germinating it, it sprouted (pure luck) and grew pretty high until the bugs attacked it.

    I got a hold of 2 marijuana seeds and immediately planted them in a pot (again without germinating them) with Scott's Pot Soil. I know right now could have been the worst time to plant it outside but I didn't want the seeds to go bad, living on the coast of South California its hot here in the day and cold in the morning and night I thought it would do fine.

    No luck so far. I watered it with a bunch of water and for 2 weeks now nothing has sprouted. I think i watered it to much? the soil has been damp for a while now and when I look into the pot, bugs have invaded it. My friend planted it his earlier before me and he said his sprouted within a month.

    What am I doing wrong?
  2. Sounds like you got bad seeds. It should only take a few days to sprout and you don't need a light on it while germinating it.
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    Your gonna have trouble getting them to germinate outside at your loc until temps raise to 70+ during night like 80+ high need humidity and temp. without modifying conditions of immediate environment.

    I slightly different approach is to try and get a clone dome top and place it over the area you planted spray some fresh distilled water in with mister and mist a few times a day and you'd be surprised how the afternoon sun can warm up the immediate environment raising humidity and allowing the seeds to crack.
  4. Well something sprouted...I gave up on it a week ago and then came back today and some little green stem popped out with two little oval leaves sticking out. its height is about the size of the head of my pinky.
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    congratulations, youve got a sprout.

    just wanted to add... store your seeds in a cool dry place. you dont need to worry about them going bad. i keep mine in labeled "dime baggies" inside a small metal tin. you could also use a 35mm film canister or something similar.

    its best to wait until you have everything needed to grow before you start. the plants dont wait. you will find yourself constantly struggling to get what you need, and it will show in the end result
  6. Always good news!
  7. GERMINATING is something the plant does - not what you do.

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